August 19, 2012

Muslim radicalism,paid media and the sleeping Indian Government


                         The Congress lead UPA(Indian) Government is sleeping,it seems..Or are they afraid of hurting their Vote bank? Expecting a touching press conference by the ultimate 'secularist' Sir Dig Vijaya Singh, justifying the mob soon.Remember the iconic statements that he made after Osama was killed by the US army? The Samajwadi goons have started barking already,btw..!
                      As expected the Rajdeep Sardesais,the Bu(!)rkha Dutts and the Goswami who hyperventilates every time he hears the name 'Narendra Modi' have all gone into deep slumber.So is Ms Sagarika Ghose,(the lady is apparently miffed with the RSS/VHP people for protecting the NE people from getting killed by the angry Muslim radical groups) the eternal crusader of secularism!They are waiting for the next anniversary of the Gujarat riots to wear their 'Great SECULARIST' cap, may be.Our media never reports Muslim violence.Violence propagated by anyone,be it hindus,Muslims,Sikhs or Christians needs to be condemned.Distorting the facts and selectively reporting the events inorder to appease a certain section of the society and for petty political gains is ridiculous and outright offensive.When will our paid media grow up?When will our political parties stop playing the dirty vote bank politics?When will we start seeing our North East brothers as fellow Indians and not dismiss them by calling them chinkis or the Chinese?Well your guess is as good as ours!
                    Blaming Pakisthan for anything and everything is certainly not going to help anymore.The irony is that it was a blogger from Pak who had first pointed out that those images of Burma Muslim victims were indeed fake.It's sad to say that the political parties in India,especially the Muslim radical wing of the Congress(read Digvijaya Singh and co) and the Samajwadi Party of India never bothered to educate our Muslim brethren from getting mislead by the fake,provocative images and messages.Sympathising with the Muslim radicals was what they did instead.One prominent leader of the Samajwadi Party(in an interview given to was even seen lamenting about the plight of the innocent muslims in Burma(wtf!) and how they were being tortured by the NE people and the bodos!He had also went on to indirectly justify the violence against the NE people(The controversial interview has been removed by the rediff people, as of now)!
                      The majority of the Indians,be it the Muslims , the Hindus,Christians,Bodos or people belonging to anyother community in our country are peace loving people and they don't wish to harm each other.However when even the national political parties like the Indian National Congress and the regional ones like the Samajwadi party and the corporate houses like New Delhi Television(NDTV),CNN-IBN et al which claim themselves to be secular ones start behaving as if they are having some communal agenda ,it hurts!Going soft on Islamic radicalism and illegal immigration and blaming everyother case of communal unrest on the RSS/VHP is not what a responsible journalist-media house should do.

Meanwhile we are leaving you with a few stunning images of some great secularists of our country. 
"Ms Ghose,you wanted the NE people to be killed by the  muslim radical groups?What kind of 'secularism' is this, my dear friend?"

Mihir Sharma,another crusader of 'secularism'!

The baap of all secularists-Dig Vijaya Singh
Ps:A sensible post on Muslim radicalism can be read here. Also read this brilliant blog post by ravinar.
Update: 1. News:Sonia wants swift action against Assam violence.
 "Enough of this tamasha Soniaji,control your 'communal' netas first!"
             2. Azad Violence was planned:says Mumbai Police
             3.Bangladeshi terror groups and Popular Front Of India,a Muslim terror outfit operating from kerala behind the hate SMSes-reports HT
             4.In his appearance on Headlines Today's panel discussion with Rahul Kanwal(Centre Stage,20 th August 2012),Congress Leader Mani Shanker Aiyar says,"I do agree that the Azad Maidan protests had turned violent,but that is understandable as the majority of the victims of the Assam riots were Muslims!"
         So if the same logic has to be applied,the Gujarat riots of 2002 (which was a response to the Godhra carnage-the majority of victims of which were Hindus who were on a pilgrimage) can also be justified!hai naa,Mani Shankar ji?
Sad to see irresponsible comments like this from the leader of a responsible 'Secular' party!
The Tail-End:As usual(as in any other case of political emergency),Rahul baba-the PM in waiting,is nowhere to be seen.The guy seems to have learned a lesson from his past idiotic statements!

-(Mihir sharma,sagarika ghose tweet pics: courtesy-mediacrooks)