December 21, 2013

AAP: The new media darling


     Originally posted by Naveen Emani

In 2010/11 many scams of Sonia Gandhi led congress government started getting exposed & a sense frustration, anger started building up. For some reason or the other, the entire opposition was not able to either capitalize over this or even bring the government to its knees. This added to the frustration and led to a situation which was very well exploited or you may say capitalized by some self anointed self righteous activists in the name of fight against corruption. This gathered momentum with seasoned “Satyagrahi” Anna Hazare as its de facto chief.
When an ordinary rally/ agitation started to take shape of a people’s movement with a few celebrities & some from opposition political parties too announcing their support to Anna, the activist led by Arvind Kejriwal who aligned with Anna Hazare sensed an opportunity here & took charge of the game. From here they very tactfully marketed, articulated & captured the political mind space with some great overt help from our “Peepli Live MSM”. Today when you look back this was probably the biggest turning point for Delhi politics which everyone has missed reading. It was also a time when the principle opposition party the BJP was busy & lost in nursing its own self inflicted wounds.
The Kejriwal & Co. cleverly exploited the anger by keeping the media busy in the name “exposes” every month & there by creating a perception that all the current politicians & parties are equally corrupt. This caught the imagination of the people who were hungry for Big ticket info on the corruptions that congress party indulged in & thereby causing a great deal of anguish which came in the form high price rises, inflation & unemployment.  With a favorable media which only questions BJP for every wrong doing the Sonia Government, Kejriwal & co had a free run without any accountability on the allegations they were making on all & sundry.
It was this anarchist spectacle with Media beaming live from Jantar Mantar & Ramlila Maidan which catapulted Kejriwal into a “Anti corruption Crusader”. It was very clear that this was a show by anarchists but the media for reasons only best known to them have backed him & his nonsense to the hilt. The national parties instead of taking these anarchists group of activists head on walked straight into their trap because of the larger than life canvas show cased by the Delhi Media. What surprised me was this stupid knee jerk reaction. From then than it was a smooth ride for Kejriwal which took a decisive turn when he formed the “Aam Aadmi Party” & decided to contest for Delhi.
This is when Kejriwal got lucky with seasoned psephologist Yogendra Yadav joining AAP. From then on the AAP got quality airtime on prime time news episodes with Yogendra acting as the devil as wel as advocate with his twin hats of Phephology & politician roles with clinical precision. Yogendra with his experience of having researched on various political parties, politicians & voters through the length & breadth of the country gave the much needed political & electoral strategy to the AAP. Unfortunately none have read the under current that Kejriwal & Yogendra created by cleverly using the angry anti-corruption youth volunteers. The results of Delhi are a testimony to the clinical strategy, planning of Yogendra with clever anti corruption narrative from Kejriwal.
The coziness media provided or rather shared with Yogendra & Kejriwal was one major factor for the stunning performance of AAP. This  in no way undermines the clever strategy of the AAP duo. The role the media played in the run up to the polls in Delhi set the right tone & platform for AAP. Why did the Indian Media back this AAP outfit? The answers to this question will never be known but therein lies the real story. Post Independence the only political party which received such undivided attention & support was congress. The Indian media has never ever touched the custodians of congress, the Gandhi’s & have always, quite shamelessly peddled the congress agenda. What changed this time in Delhi that made this congress friendly media to support AAP?
With the kind of anti incumbency against congress & the rise in stature of Narendra Modi across the country has certainly rattled the Delhi Lutyens for whom Modi was an outsider. The congress friendly media also realized that the power they enjoy being in Delhi will come to an end if Modi comes to power in the center with his no nonsense approach to good governance. Which effectively means the power brokers will be out of business soon. It is these factors which worried congress & allowed its friends in Media to back Kejriwal & co. Per me anyone who watched / observed India Politics & Media since Independence don’t think will disagree with. If BJP wins Delhi assembly with Modi as the its star campaigner the congress knows there is no stopping him from there on. The congress friendly media took it upon itself and ensured enough good reporting & airtime to AAP in Delhi.
The AAP will be enthused to now spread its wings to other places in the country.  But can they repeat or match their Delhi performance? Per me its not possible. They can make a mark in one or two Urban centers at best. Its in this contest the Delhi media’s nonsense to dub the 4states results doesn’t show a NaMo wave but a huge impact by AAP is flawed & highly biased for the obvious reasons. The Delhi Unit of BJP was almost in chaos in the run up to the polls, it was only NaMo & the last minute naming of Dr Harshavardhan that saved it from a drubbing similar to congress in Delhi. The AAP cannot & will not get a friendlier media outside Delhi which will make its campaign as good as the “LokSatta” Parties at best. So per me AAP will not be player in 2014, they will at best be visible in couple of pockets & nothing more.
-This post originally written by Naveen Emani has been sourced from The Indian Republic at Indian republic/bigpicture

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