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February 7, 2011

A Rape and it's Aftermath

In an unfortunate incident,a twenty something girl   lost her life.A shocking one indeed.What worries us more is the fact that this happened not in Mayawati's U.P or Omar Abdulla's J&k but in our God's own country.

Some random thoughts on the possible repercussions of this incident.

1.Right from Ms Sara Joseph to our neighbour 'Shantha' chechi gives statements to the media on the horrors of travelling alone in a train.

2.The 'christian' channel,'the muslim' channel and the 'secular' channel sympathise with the girl only to resume their fight over the spilt ice ceam a few days later.

3.The Chief Minister assures the public that he would put all the rapists behind the bars sooner or later.

4.The 'Party' channel launches a sting operation while the 'secular' channel cries fowl.

5.The hindu party demands judicial enquiry into the mishap whereas the women organisations want the C.B.I to do a dummy experiment.

6.The Blame game starts: -The media blame the police.They inturn accuse the railway officials who on the other hand put the blame on the girl herself for travelling alone in the train.

7.'ABC' commission headed by the retired high court judge begins their probe on the accident.Six months later, submits a 10,999 page report to the government which is read by none.

8.The channels start pondering on more serious issues like this.

9.Shaji Kailas and S.N Swamy announce a movie titled 'Trainile Kolacase'.

10.Someone else gets raped,repeat 1 to 10.