Tips to become a succesful book blogger

No one has become a superstar blogger overnight.Recognition in blogosphere takes time and there are no short cuts for achieving instant success as a blogger.Read like there is no tomorrow and pen down your sincere thoughts in a lucid, organised and unpretentious manner.Your work will definitely get its due.

Blogadda-Quikr Shopping Fiesta: My Experience

It was like a slap on my face.Thankfully Arun was not there with me to witness by embarassement. I was all set to call him when some random piece of paper with a phone number written on it from my pocket caught my attention.

Book Review:Salvation Of a Saint

On the whole,’The Salvation Of Saint’ is a decent thriller.It may not be as racy as ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’,but still it’s a pretty good one.

Interview with Doctor-turned- Writer Deepal Kripal

Earlier this week,we chatted with Doctor-turned-Author,Deepak Kripal.He has authored 'The Devil's Tale:An impossible journey',published by Leadstart Publishers.In this candid interview,he tells us about his debut work,future plans,his journey as a writer and his other interests in life.

Private India: Book Review

On the whole,'Private India' by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi is a strictly average work.

January 25, 2018

Mini Book Review: Harlan Coben's 'Missing You'


                  'Missing you' is yet another work of Harlan Coben which I have picked up to read.This is another stand alone- domestic thriller from the master crime writer.The premise is typical Coben.There is a past murder,a forgotten boy-friend who is making a re-entry years later, a single mother who has suddenly vanished without a trace and a female investigator accompanied by a teenage boy trying to solve the mystery and the tail-end twist which is happening in the very last page. It's a stand-alone thriller which is totally worth your time and money.
                   Kat is a NYPD detective who is fighting her past demons.She stumbles upon her ex, Jeff who had ditched her almost two decades earlier in a dating website.There is this teenage boy (Brandon) who is seeking Kat's help as his mother(Diana) has gone missing all on a sudden and is potentially linked to Jeff.In the middle of all this, Kat should also to find out who killed her beloved dad.
                'Missing You' tells the story of Kat,Jeff and Diana.It's an absolute page turner.The writing is fast paced,twist laden with never a dull moment.Go for it!

Verdict- I am giving it a 3.5 out of 5.


January 21, 2018

The Great Indian 'Law' Story !

                Judiciary as the ‘saviour’ of democracy- a lot of noise is being made on this regard these days. A Nation without a robust judicial system will definitely face mayhem and turmoil. Agreed, Judiciary is one of the most pivotal limbs of democracy, but to bestow upon the guardianship of democracy solely on the Indian Judiciary is something which is not only over- ambitious but also outright ridiculous. Democracy is defined as the Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Judiciary and Democracy should complement each other so that the absolute interests of the state are upheld.
                India has been fortunate enough to have a sturdy judicial system. The efficiency of the courts in India is something which even the world has acknowledged and appreciated. From H.J kania to Deepak Mishra , we have had many CJIs who were renowned for their honesty and professionalism. And being the world’s largest democracy,we,as a nation cannot afford  to have a  half-baked legal system. It also should be remembered that the courts function on public money which necessitates the need of accountability pertaining to their work.Openness in the court procedures and lucidity in decision making can facilitate parity between the nation’s security and the civil rights of the people.
                 Judiciary is widely perceived to be the common man’s last ‘ray of hope’.Infact the responsibilities of the judiciary are many. It not only has to apply and interpret the law as per the constitution and exercise  the rule of the law but also act as a player in state politics.
              Having said that, it is also true that the legal system of the Nation has so many issues plaguing it. The huge back-log of cases and the time-lag which happens between hearing and the final judgement is indeed a stark reality. Also,of late,the courts seem to develop cold-feet when coming to giving judgements pertaining to extremely sensitive issues ala a ‘Babry’ Case or an ‘Abaya’ Case.
            There are many other matters worth pondering on.The country has got enough and more number of ‘attention seekers’ and ‘potential head line grabbers’ who resort to litigations and ‘PIL’ s to achieve social and political gains. Unwanted litigations like these waste the precious time of the honourable courts and only serve to ‘delay justice’ for the genuine aggrievers.
             A couple of days back, the Nation witnessed an unprecedented spat between a couple of sitting SC judges and the honourable CJI. In the present context, if an average citizen gets the idea that the ego-conflicts and power wars among the sitting SC judges and the honourable CJI has resulted in this present judicial crisis, he can’t be blamed. This situation of ‘it’s a matter of (the ‘rituous’ and ‘holy’) us v/s (the ‘crooked’ and ‘unholy’) him could have been easily averted had the grieving judges not resorted to washing the dirty linen in public. The recent developments have only served to tarnish the image of the highest court of the country among the general public. When four of the 25 judges of SC gang up and hold a press meet only to declare an open War on the CJI, there will indeed be repercussions and the message that it sends out to the general public and to the world  is not at all pleasant. After all, it’s not reality television that we are talking about! But sadly, the attempts to milk this episode for political capital has begun and it is anybody’s guess that this will go on till 2019!
            The role of judiciary in the maintenance and prosperity of an evolving democractic society cannot be under estimated and if done so, it will have alarming consequences which will be detrimental to the society and the country as a whole.


January 12, 2018

Notes on 'The Luckiest Girl Alive' by Jessica Knoll

                'The Luckiest Girl Alive' is apparently the debut work of model-turned- writer Jessica Knoll.The book tries to tell the story of Ani Fanelli,who had a troubled life as a teenager.

              The cover screams loud that it is the next 'Gone Girl'(and it even has a 'Girl' in it's title,incase you have missed it's 'aspiration'). After having finished about fifty percent of this mammoth 400+pages book (I am trying hard to finish the rest), I can confidently say that it's no where close to the Gillian Flynn masterpiece.Jessica struggles to maintain the tone of the book which remains inconsistent through out.The reader never gets to know whether it's a satire(on wedding planning and the 'weight loss exercise')or a dark psychological thriller.There is a graphic description of rape and torture and a supposedly shocking revelation about violence at school,but when the writing is inefficient,all the efforts generate mixed results.The writing is not at all fast paced and the constant back and forth narrative just manages to confuse the reader.On the whole,I am giving it a 2 out of 5. If you loved this book,kindly let us know!


January 9, 2018

Mini Book Review: Shari Lapena's 'The Couple Next Door'

          Shari Lapena's 'The Couple Next Door' was one book which I had wanted to read for quite long. It took me almost a year to get hold of this book, but then, once I had it with me, it took me only a couple of hours to finish reading it! Though it had shades of 'The Girl On the Train' and 'Little Face' , it turned out to be a true page-turner and totally worth the money spent on it.

        Anne is a new-mom and she lives with her husband Marco who is quite supportive of her and her child.They get invited for a dinner by their next-door neighbours and in the process leave their baby at home alone only to realize later that she has gone missing.This suspense filled novel is all about their efforts to get Cora (the baby) back.

       The writing is crisp and fast paced and we get to know many intricate details of Anne and Marco as a couple. There are plenty of twists and turns and at no point of time the reader gets bored. Although the build up was quite good, the climax was pretty lame, I felt.

       On the whole,'The Couple Next Door' is an interesting read.It doesn't have much depth but is definitely a paisa- vasool time pass read! I am giving it a 3 out of 5.


January 8, 2018

'My Story' Song and the 'Controversy'!

Prithvi is no Ranbir and Parvathy is no Deepika. I genuinely dislike this song video.The atrocious choreography ,fake expressions and the song itself is quite irritating!


November 5, 2017

Hyde Park

                                Hyde Park is the largest of the Royal Parks. It's one of the important tourist destinations right in the heart of the City. Spread over about 400 acres,the park is indeed a really beautiful place and is also the habitat of many species of birds.You have to either get down in Hyde Park corner to reach here or take a bus from Victoria.Diana Memorial fountain,The Serpentine,Peter Pan are a few of the attractions in the Hyde Park.A few pictures are being shared here.


October 29, 2017

Random thoughts on two Harlan Coben novels


                                            I am slowly, but surely becoming a huge fan of Coben. Last week, I finished reading two of his domestic thrillers.Caught (2010) and Hold Tight (2008). I must say that that both the books were gripping, fast paced and truly entertaining. While the former is about a 17 year old girl (who has suddenly gone missing) and a TV sting that has gone horribly wrong , the latter is about the sinister secrets harboured by a teenage boy and also deals with themes like abuse of prescription drugs, teenage suicide topically. While the plotting of Caught is quite similar to Coben's previous works, Hold Tight is a marked departure from his usual style.What make both these works quite different from the usual thrillers is the fact that they both deal with quite relevant issues and that too in a fast paced and quite entertaining manner.
                             'Caught' starts off with an innocent man getting falsely implicated in a crime which he never did ,but the book is a lot more than that.Infact a lot of things happen in this 300+ page tale. A girl mysteriously disappears , a T.V reporter is on the run trying hard to prove a point, and there is also a group of men caught in a very tricky situation.The narrative is fast paced and there is never a dull moment but towards the end ,we get a feeling that the writer tried to pack in a whole lot of things in quick succession.There are twists galore in the end and before the reader can fully assimilate the first one, there comes the second one, the next and so on. On the whole, the work is a pretty good, entertaining read!
                         'Hold tight' follows the pattern of the typical Coben domestic thrillers.There is this family who are happily living the American dream and then suddenly they discover that their son (Adam) is harbouring a sinister secret. He starts behaving in a weird way and the panicked parents (Mike and Tiya) install a spyware in his computer.Soon the boy disappears and 'Hold Tight' is all about their race against time to get their son back.The book also deals with the many unethical practices existing in the field of health care and drug trade. On the whole,a truly gripping thriller!


October 12, 2017

Oxford Street/Oxford Circus

Oxford Street is one of the richest streets in London.Please note that this is different from the city of Oxford University of Oxford.The toy store,Hamley's is located here.

The Tube Station

- nikhimenon

October 9, 2017

Green Park!

Green Park is one of the eight Royal Parks in London. It's indeed situated in the heart of London and is a habitat for many species of birds.This is more of a picture blog on Green Park.There are many ways to reach the Park,the easiest is to take a tube to Green Park station which is in the Victoria Tube Line.Spread across 40 acres,this is also the smallest/shortest park among the royal parks.
The Tube Station
Welcome to Green Park!
The Walk
The Park!

The place was filled with tourists,it's a beautiful place indeed!


October 2, 2017

The London Bridge!

Well,this is mostly going to be a photo blog post(which basically means that you will have to bear with my non existent photographic skills !).London is quite full of places of historic importance and  beautiful tourist attractions.People from all over the world come here to have a glance of the most iconic tourist spots.
1.The Tower Bridge(London Bridge)- The bridge opens up to make way for the big ships/boats which are trying to cross the river,which indeed is a beautiful sight!
2.The London Eye-This is something like a giant wheel which give the full view of London.Situated just beside the river,gives a beautiful view of the city indeed.
3.The Parliament-Well,I don't have a picture of the parliament yet,but this is where it's situated and there are some beautiful statues of the world leaders here.
4.The Palace-I'm sure that many of you might have seen this image somewhere else,but I believe no post about London is complete without these pictures.
5.The Gardens-I forgot the name of this garden ,but that doesn't matter,right.There is a nice kid's play area also inside and I bet your kids are going to love this place.
6.Thames-Do I need to say more?
7.The Streets on a Sunday Morning-It's actually full of tourists from different parts of the world(they aren't there in this picture though!)
8.Victoria Station-The national rail trains to various parts converge here.
9.The Roads-They aren't very crowded, right?
10.The Heron-This one is so used to humans ,I believe!Doesn't mind posing for a snap or two!

11.The Big Ben-They are renovating it.But that hasn't reduced it's charm in any ways!


September 30, 2017


(This is going to be a pretty long post.If you are a native of London or/has been staying here in London for a while,this post is probably not going to interest you much.If you are new to the city or happen to be one who has been thinking about visiting this city, I strongly recommend that you read on).

                                It's been a week here in London.The weather is pretty okay, not very cold or very warm. Getting used to the transport system was the first and the most important thing which I had to sort out in the initial days. I will be penning down a few things which I noticed during the first week of my stay here. Hoping that these gyaans might come handy for those of you who plan to visit or stay in London in the near future.
1.Get used to the transport system as early as possible-Unlike in India, here, there is a very good public transport system and almost everyone uses it. They have this thing called the 'Oyster card', which basically is something like a 'season ticket' and looks like a 'credit/debit card' (obviously without the Visa/MasterCard logo in it!). You can either use it on a pay as you go basis or as a season ticket. The card works in tubes,trams,buses and even in the overhead national trains.You just have to show/swipe the card in a yellow automated card reader which is there in the entrance of the tube station or in the entry door of the public transport bus which you get into. The fare for your each journey will be automatically deducted from the card.Always rember to show the card at the entry and exit points of the tube station, else you will either be charged a penalty of 80£ or will have to face prosecution.

2.Stick to your time-The British are very punctual , so when they say that they will meet you at nine,they do actually mean it. Don't turn up late for any of the important meetings or classes as far as possible.

3.There are a lot of Indian restaurants out here-If you are badly missing Indian food, you can always step into any of the Indian restaurants out there in your locality. There are many out there. If you are here on a budget, then you can get whatever you need from the local Indian store out there and prepare your own meal at home.

4.The British Chips and Fish- Almost all the places here serve the famous English 'Fish n Chips' on Fridays. If you are into fish, u can definitely give it a try.

5.The free 'Metro' and the 'Evening Standard'- Well,this is one thing which I liked a lot.If you are a commuter, everyday you will get free tabloids in the mornings and in the evenings along with weekly magazines.There are racks outside each tube station and inside each bus/tram from where you can pick your daily free copy of the tabloid/magazine.

6.The 'People'- The native British people are very polite, well mannered and cultured. But beware,like in any other country,not all people are good though.

7.There are 'strikes' in London-If you have been thinking that strikes and 'dharnas' are only seen in developing countries,you have got it terribly wrong.These things are there here too.

8.The traffic culture-One thing I think I should emphasize here is the way they treat the pedestrians.In every major crossings, you will see a system like this (above picture) which enables the pedestrians to cross the road in a safe and timely manner.If the signal for automobiles is green,you just have to press the button over there and wait till the green signal for the pedestrians shows up.And remember,if there are no signals in he lane which you are trying to cross,the cars and motor cycles will wait until you have crossed the road!

9.Tesco- They are a chain of hyper markets like our Reliance fresh and Lulu which stock almost all the daily essentials.

10.Lyca and Libera Sim-If you are from the Indian subcontinent,these are probably the best mobile sims which you can get hold of.They have got some really good plans which you can avail of and it really makes your calls to India quite cheap.


September 13, 2017

Thoughts on James Patterson's ' The Thomas Berryman Number'

               I am no fan of James Patterson.I have read a couple of his books before and  found them to be totally mediocre.Picked up this book as I was told that this had won him the Edgar award for the best debut (way back in the 70s). May be at that point of time, people might have enjoyed reading this work ,but for a reader like me who belongs to a different era , the book was not at all relatable.With a confusing and snail paced plot,this debut work about a hitman and his escapades is at best left untouched.


September 10, 2017

Malayalam Cinema 2017:The Most Disappointing Malayalam Movies Of the Year, So Far!

2017 has rather been a disappointing year for the Malayalam Movie Industry so far.One of it's leading men is behind bars for an alleged crime done against his own colleague,many of the much hyped movies got universally panned and bit the dust at the kerala box-office. There has been no big successes like a PuliMurugan/ Premam/Ennu Ninte Moidheen so far.With mediocre content,the Onam releases have also failed to really set the box-office on fire.Here,we have a look at those movies of the year which offered a lot prior to their release but turned out to be lacklustre affairs at the end.

10.Fukri(Siddique)- Hit maker Siddique's first outing with Jayasurya turned out to be a rehash of various yesteryear hits like 'Udayapuram Sulthan'.With silly jokes and over the top performances,Fukri was yet another case of bad writing spoiling the party!

9.Jomonte Suvisheshangal(Satyan Anthikkad)-Sathyettan's loyal family audience might have helped the movie to scrape through at the kerala boxoffice but there is no denying the fact that 'Jomonte..' was nothing other than a bargain basement version of last year's 'Jaobinte Swargarajyam'.The only silver lining in this otherwise mediocre affair was the sincere performance from the father son duo played by Dulquer Salman-Mukesh.

8.Honeybee 2(Lal Jr)-Well, the prequel was no great cinematic gem.But the sequel was widely expected to repeat the former movie's box-office success.Though replete with sexual innuendos and crass jokes,HB2 failed to please even the front benchers and turned out to be a turkey at the ticket windows!

7.1971:Beyond Borders(Major Ravi)-well, nothing more to be said about this one.This wannabe war movie couldn't even satisfy Lalettan's devoted fans.We wish Major sir comes up with a better script next time!

6.Georgettan's Pooram(Biju Arookkutty)-Expected to be the year's festival entertainer from Dileep,this pooram ended up as a celebration of mediocricity.Neither a critical nor a commercial success,this movie didn't generate the opening which Dileep movies used to take during a vacation season.

5.The Great Father(Haneef Adeni)-Mammookka looked uber cool as ever but this misguided family thriller suffered due to bad writing.Perhaps the most profitable venture in this list,The Great Father was a disappointment from an aesthetic point of view.

4.Pullikkaran S(t)aara(Syamdhar)-When a relatively new director tries to cash in on Mamooka's super cool looks overlooking the mamooth sized holes and the pointlessness in the script,we can confidently say that the megastar should be more careful in choosing his projects.

3.Tiyaan(Jeeyen Krishnakumar)-The promos were extra ordinary and the production values were top notch but when you cannot back it up with a solid script,all the efforts go in vain.Tiyaan was one of the most disppointing films of the year both critically and commercially.

2.Achayans(Kannan Thamarakkulam) and Puthenpanam(Ranjith)-A mindless comedy entertainer was what was widely expected out of this flick.But 'Achayans' failed to entertain!With a rather muddling script,in Puthenpanam Ranjith tried to take solace in the Kasargode slang,but the majority of the viewers found it confusing and mildly amusing!

1.Velipaadinte Pusthakam(Lal Jose)-Benny P Nayarambalam-Lal Jose-Mohanlal.The names were big,the expectations sky high,'Jimmikki Kammal' became Kerala's 'why this Kolaveri',but alas,the content was too weak to speak for itself!