October 15, 2009

The worst Malayalam Movies ever made-Part 1

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Malayalam Film industry was once famous for the quality of the films that it produced and the whole country used to look forward to our movies. ..(of course ,for lifting story lines…..!).But ever since our script writers decided to make films of their own ,the quality of movies have been on a decline.There have been  films which defy even the definition of 'bad' .The ten films listed here manage to achieve the rare honour of being unanimously disliked. They proved to be a tiresome experience for audiences and critics alike, and showed some of the country’s  finest talents faltering and folding up.

Here is my list of the most insufferable Malayalam movies of this decade.


How often do you see a talented actor like Bharat Mohanlal,totally clueless  and ham on screen? Yes ,that’s what makes this movie special.Though writer turned director Ranjan Pramod (who had given us some memorable movies like Achuvinte Amma,Naran in the past…) is credited to the story of this juvenile attempt,we still can’t believe that it had a script  in the first place.It was supposed to be something related to the ‘Muthanga’ Incident,but Ranjan messed up the whole thing which  eventually resulted in a damp squib called Photographer…!

Why it isn't the absolute worst?
Because, it was the come back movie of yester year music director Johnson .The song song ‘enthe Kannanu karuppu niram’,tuned by him in this otherwise forgettable movie


Veteran director Kamal seems to have run out of stock.Almost all his recent movies were bad and so was Pachakuthira.This poorly inspired version of ‘Rainman’ was an insult to the average movie buff.While Dileep number one with his prosthetic make up looked irritating , the second one managed to look like  an idiot on screen.Gopika was wasted in the most poorly written role of her career .Though the movie had Dileep regulars  ranging from Salim Kumar to Suraaj but sadly the jokes were stale and so repetitive that half of the audience left the movie hall by the time of the interval.

Why it isn't the absolute worst?
A few one liners by Salim kumar were just okay…

Narein  delivers a hideous performance, surpassed only by an insufferable Meera Jasmine.How long will Roma play the tom-boyish character on screen?When will Indrajith start doing something significant in Malayalam films?When will Narein learn acting?We had so many un answered questions after watching this mundane movie …Hope that Kamal will give us an answer next time..! Everything about the film is bizarre, the only saving grace being Jayasurya .. 

Why it isn't the absolute worst?
Jayasurya  handles a couple of scenes well. 

7.Thaskara Veeran:
When John Abraham  did Dhoom, Padmasree Bharat Mammooty also didn’t want to be left too far behind.So he called Pramod and Pappan,who had earlier made Vajram and told them to make a heist movie .Thus ThaskaraVeeran was born.With pretty Nayan Tara to his side,the movie promised to be a sure bet at the box office.But Malayalees were a bit more sensible than the makers had expected ,which made it a disaster .The movie, was just plain bad.. Without even the semblance of a storyline -- the worst thing for a heist film to be is boring – Thaskara Veeran  listlessly moves from dull plot-point to duller twist. 

Why it isn't the absolute worst?
Nayan’s curves pleased the front benchers…..!

6 .De Ingottu Nokkiye:
This  movie has the dubious distinction of being the only mainstream malayalam Movie which got removed from almost all the releasing centres on the day of it’s release itself.The script was utter rubbish and it’s hard to believe that somebody actually dared to spend more than a Crore for making this absurdity.Meanwhile Mr Menon lamented that someone had butchered his baby on the editing table and he would make a sequel to this one to prove that he was right…Mr.Menon,pls don’t make us suffer again in theatres……!!!!

Why it isn't the absolute worst?
We actually din’t expect anything from this……!

PS: All the movies featured in this list have been made by some of the best talents in this bussiness and not by some 'one film wonders'.That's also the reason why movies like '3 chaar sau bees',nirakkazcha','oru small family' have no place here.


polappan said...

waitin for the second part

Panicker said...

haven't seen
#10 (but loved the song by Manjari),
#7 (saw a song with Mammootty-Nayans and vowed not 2 see the movie even for free)
and #6 (had started reading reviews).

Totally hated Pachakuthira, coz I loved Rainman, which introduced me 2 the great Dustin Hoffman. Kamal had given Dileep the credit 4 the story. In contrast 2 dileep's 'prosthetics', Hoffman hardly wore any make-up. It was not an inspiration, but a mockery of a beautiful work.

As for Minnamininikkoottam:

What was Kamal thinking? Or was he thinking at all?

nikhimenon said...

ya..kamal was once upon a tym,a thinkin film maker...but sadly,nw he s just a shadow of himself

sukesh said...


satheeshan thonikkara said...

Good one....

but y Thuruppugulan is nt there in the list?

nikhimenon said...


but that mvie made money bro...

i hav nt included any of the hit 'bad' films in this list

sukesh said...

Y no review of pazhassi raaja..yet?

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Anonymous said...

Loved the Movie Le Dîner de Cons.
And its Remake in Hindi-Bheja fry was also good,But...when its remake in Malayalam,where leading role was played by Jagadhish,was just more than horrible...Dnt remember the name of that movie,if u gonna make a 3rd part of this list,this movie also recommended lol..Your list here is fantastic.Keep it up

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anoop2534 said...

y dnt we make a list of ur best movies..

each one wud hv their own opinion, depending on their age, orientation..
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Anonymous said...

Your write up on worst movies was funny. I have not watched Taskaraveeran till date though I am a die hard Mammukka fan. Some of my friends(read Mammootty fans) still claim that the movie made a good profit due to Ikka's midas touch and the low budget.Can you confirm by any chance, whether Taskaran was a hit?

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