April 14, 2012

Nikhimenon has nothing to do with 'Hansika Motwani's Growth Hormones'

      Yesterday while randomly browsing the internet, I chanced upon this particular site which calculates the statistics about website usage.Obviously I wanted to know what it thought about randomthoughts which is more popular in India than the IPL and it's CEO nikhimenon is the Mark Zuckerbergof India.This is what I saw.

Hansi..?Who?The only Hansie i know is Hansie Cronje.Who the hell is this Hansika Motwani?"Hansika Motwani is an Indian Actress",my personal assistant(yeah,I do have a PA, being the CEO of the country's most popular blog means business! My PA, dinkan is now busy finishing my 'debut novel' "I wanna love you baby,you wanna love me?..-What not to do in IIPM". which will hit the stores by the middle of MAY.The publisher Rupali&Co says the book is a 'National Best seller' already!) tells me scratching his groin.Actress?Is she as famous as Sunny Leone,the Bollywood star(and pride of India)introduced by Mahesh Bhatt(who was seen fuming the other day for the U.S. having detained some random 'Khan' who spends more time dancing in cricketgrounds and opening random textile shops in India than actually doing what he is famous for.(C'mmon, now don't ask me what this guy is famous for!- RT is a family blog!!!) Moreover nikhimenon too loves Karan Johar.The point is nikhimenon wishes to categorically state that neither he nor his blog  knows somebody by the name 'Hansika Motwani' or her 'growth hormones'.So those of you who reached here searching for it may kindly leave the place without creating a mess.Read Times of India.