Nikhimenon and 'Hansika Motwani's growth hormones'

Actress?Is she as famous as Sunny Leone,the Bollywood star(and pride of India) introduced by Mahesh Bhatt

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Sex Chat,Booby girl and the Explosion

I still remember how thankful I am to the ' yahoo' people for starting a chat room that was big enough to cater to the wide and varied tastes of the desi perverts

Who is nikhimenon?

A doctor by profession and a writer by destiny.

Book Review:The Salvation of a Saint

On the whole,Keigo Higashino’s ‘The Salvation of a Saintt X’ is a decent thriller!

February 18, 2011

Why are the N.S.S. still backing Mr Balakrishna Pillai?

Mr Balakrishna Pillai has been convicted in the Edamalayar Corruption case and we are genuinely happy about the verdict.Though corruption isn't an uncommon thing in our country, getting the corrupt booked is as common as a Vinayan film making it to the Oscars.But we don't understand why the N.S.S. is still backing him.Do they really believe Mr Sudhakaran's rants?