July 23, 2009

Seasons Change: Do we?

Malayalee aversion towards films with New comers in the lead roles is well known.Whatever be the quality of these films we have been unanimous in out right rejecting them, ever since the aaram Thampurans andInduchoodans started dictating our sensibilities.While our neighbours have become more sensible by lapping up Nadodigals and Subrahmaniapurams ,we are still finding solace in Bhoothams and Harihar Nagars.Last year Renjith came with an honest and sincere 'Thirakkadha ' which though managed to get critical acclaim ,couldnt find much takers at the boxoffice.( Anoop Menon,the lead actor even got a state award for it)

A couple of new comer films are ready for release.But it remains to be seen how many of them will manage to get even a distributor...!

Padmasree Bharat Mammooty , as if an apology for annoying the viewers with his 'Bhootham act' has bought the Distribution Rights for Shyaama Prasaad's Rithu. Shaayama Prasad is trying to tell the story of three I.T. professionals through this film.( remember,kamal's Minnaminikootam?!!!!)Meanwhile Shyam has also promised that he would nt frighten away the audience like Kamal did with his 'minna minnees'.Anyways considering Shyaam's brilliant track record and after seeing the good promos of Rithu,this one seems to be a good one.

But one big question,
do we change?



Anonymous said...

Dont yu have nethin else to write about?

suneesh said...

this s a shit mvie

suneesh said...

this s a poor mvie