September 24, 2009

The Stars that fail to shine..!

                                           In this world where you are only as good as your last hit,everybody is a struggler and unless you are the 'great S.R.K'.You are allowed only a limited number of flops if you want to keep yourself afloat in this business.Here is a look at some of the stars who are not shining so brightly in recent times inspite of delivering decent performances in their recent films.


Akshay Kumar was slowly turning to a brand in bollywood.It was when Chandni Chowk to China happened.Though the Nikhil Adhwani movie didnt become a blockbuster,it dint manage to put an end to A.K.'s winning spree.Kukunoor's 8*10 Tasveer  which followed also bit the dust.But the biggest blow came in the form of Kambhakth Ishqq which was not only a flop,but also vulgar and crude and ate into akki bhai's loyal female and kid's audience.Anyways all hopes are on Blue' which looks more or less like a rip off of 'Into The Blue', the Jessica Alba starrer.  .


He may be the Ilaya Dalapathy and the 'king of opening',but off late his movies have become famous or rather notorious for their lack of quality and stereo typical story lines.Kuruvi,Villu,Azhagiya Thamizh Makan are some of his latest duds.His last hit was Pokkiri which got released 2 years back.The problem with vijai is unwillingness to take risks.While his contemporaries Suriya and Vikram have dared to experiment with varied subjects and innovative ideas ,he s still in the 5 Fights-kuthu-dance mode.C'mmon how long can the audience tolerate the same old stuff? Hope his Vettaikkaran will be different.


Malayalam cinema's 'Janapriya Naayakan' has nt had a good year so far.His first two films Colours and Moss and Cat were duds.Though Passenger ' clicked ,even his die hard fans would nt dare to claim it as his movie.Unless he tries to deliver something new,he may be soon become another Jayaram.His new ones 'Swa.Le ' looks promising though.

7.Meera Jasmine

Nothing has been heard of her post 'Innathe Chintha Vishayam'.What made this talented actress to sign C grade Tamil Vijay Kanth movies like Ma....oops.. i forgot its name.She has become so chubby in recent years.Her acting has also become worse, with memories of that nightmarish 'minnaminnikootam' still haunting me.The once sought after National award winning actress is facing a ban from the malayalam film industry for her lack of professionalism.


The National Award winner is no doubt a Super star in malayalam cinema.But his directors and script writers off late have nt been able to give him believable characters and decent scripts.With his Bhootam act ' and his recent Singapore visit he could only annoy his audience.No wonder 'Love in Singapore' and 'Pattanathil Bhootham' bit the dust.Even a debutant like Ashiq Abu could nt give him a hit in Daddy Cool'.But things are not that gloomy for this versatile actor as his latest one 'Loud Speaker' has opened to rave reviews and is sure to become a hit.The Magnum opus Pazhassi Raaja will also get released next week.

5.Suresh Gopi
Kanjeepurathe Kallyaanam,I.G,Black Dahlia.I am sure most of you might not have even heard the names of these duds.All were recent Gopi flicks which could nt get even a decent run in the releasing centres.Gopi himself has to take the blame, for choosing the most idiotic scripts to act!He should stop being the over the top Cop again and again and concentrate more on meaningful,yet entertaining films or retire gracefully.

Ofcourse his Bhaagya Devatha was a hit,but it was a 'Sathyan Anthikkaadu' film after all.His Samastha Keralam P.O, Rahasya Police,Winter. and Kaana Kanmani were wash outs which makes him to this list.It's high time that jairam comes out of his comfort zone and try something different.Sathyan movies wont be there all the time Jairam sir...


Don't make faces at me for calling him a star.But he definitely showed some promise with movies like 4 the people,Annorikkal,Achunte Amma and Anjathey.But being 'over choosy' has made him land up in insignificant roles in Bhagya Devatha and a couple of other films.He s playing second fiddle to Prithviraaj in Robinhood'.But it has to be seen whether the movie itself clicks ,at the end of the day.

2.Salman Khan

No superstar has given so much flops in a row.Yuvraaj, Hello, Heroes, God Tussi Great Ho  and Saawaryia are some of his recent flops.The last hit being Partner .But there s good news as his latest Wanted has taken a mamooth opening..This talented actor has bounced back with Wanted,the remake of the masaala tamil film 'pokkiri'.Salman was the ideal choice to play the  under cover cop with Prakaash  Raaj as Gunni Bhai giving ample support.The promos of his next,Mr and  Mrs khanna as well as London Dreams are already out and it seems he  has a wonderful time ahead.                                                              

1.Raani Mukherjee

I still believe that manipulative sentimentalism dampened her career with all movies in which she played the damsel in distress 'Baabul, Ta Ra Rum Pum, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Saawariya, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic' sinking without a trace. She tried to re invent herself with Dil Bole Hadippa but the poor script played the spoil sport here.Let's hope she will come with something better next time.          


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bobby said...

why mohanlal's name is not there in the list. He should be the top who has given lot of flop movies recently and atlast finally he got a hardly hit(that also not sure now) only with the help of kamal. This article is biased and one of the worst in all times...

nikhimenon said...

@ bobby

thats because m lal gave us an excellent film Bhramaram....

and moreover his saaj managed 2 break even and it cant be called a flop