November 13, 2009

An ultrashort review of the Ultimate disaster movie.....

The so called critics  (or even the wannabe ones) might have written off this movie,but  still i thought i would end my 3 month old hiatus (ofcourse from the hospital and the patients) on a lavish note by spending 50 bucks on this disaster flick .Directed by Roland Emmerich,who is better known for B-grade,yet entertaining enterprises like The Day After tomorow and Independence day, 2012 is cheesy yet thoroughly entertaining.(oops all probability, this statement would flood my inbox with  'who are you to comment on this/that 'monumental' work of art ' mails....never mind, i think so..that's it.....)

Leave behind  the Mayan calender,sunspot activity,apocalypse and other  weird terminologies,forget the mandatory personal story of the failed writer (who else,john cusack),occasional cheesy dialogues and bad acting(ofcourse  quite expected  for a disaster movie) ,the great vfx and the visual spectacle it offers'  alone would make this one worth your money.

 If  you let go of how unrealistic it is, you can just have fun with that want of destruction and chaos.The cilmax could have been better and the movie itself could have been easily trimmed a bit,but never mind in this present form itself it qualifies as a  great pop-corn flick.

Since i am too tired to write a lengthy review , i am concluding the review with my rating : 7/10 (it's cheesy ..un adulterated fun..go for it...)


Panicker said...

Roland Emmerich is known for entertaining and successful, but scientifically inaccurate, movies.

'Day after tomorrow' is considered one of the most scientifically implausible movies ever. Still, it was a winner at the box office. 10000 BC was no exception.

So, a popcorn flick is what we expect from Emmerich, and he never disappoints.

satheeshan thonikkara said...

//(oops all probability, this statement would flood my inbox with 'who are you to comment on this/that 'monumental' work of art ' mails....never mind, i think so..that's it.....)//

ha ha.that was gud...i got what yu were referring to......!

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