March 28, 2010

The mediocre Ghost House INN...!

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    Making sequels of hit films to cash in on the euphoria created by it's original has been a tried and tested formula for success.But quite often,the sequels turn out to be ultimate disasters like Saagar Alias Jackey or a Senior Mandrake.Lal ,the brain behind the harihar nagar franchise has decided to extend the series with In Ghost House Inn ,which incidentally is the third installment in the series.Though 2 harihar nagar ,which came out last year could entertain us to a large extent,the same cannot be said about 'Ghost House'.

   Lal has tried to play it smart this time by setting his sequel in a haunted mansion .Okay,we know you are smart enough  to set the movie in a different background  and attempting an horror comedy is something which is relatively new in the malayalam film industry too.But what if you have only the century old cliches and gimmicks to frighten the audience and the same old antics of Appukuttan to invoke laughter from the audience?Smelling mediocricity?  That's exactly what 'Ghost House' is all about.It makes you laugh occassionally for the initial half an hour or so and later it desperately tries to frighten you with cliched scenes and screachy noises.There is the mandatory Eerie Bungalow,woman in white,a priest who can counter the spirits and the bgm lifted from the pirates of the carribean and a dozen other english flicks which is essential for all b-grade ghost flicks. Among the protagonists ,it's only jagadish who entertains  a bit.Radhika and Nedumudi Venu are adequate while harisree asokan tries his best to irritate the audience.Alex paul has composed noises and passed them off as songs which pop out with no particular reason whatsoever,the introductory song of the four friends had some nice visuals though.But what holds the film altogether and makes it a watchable fare atleast is the climactic twist (though predictable,for atleast the sensible among the audience)and the funny blooper reel that comes towards  the end.With Pramaany,Thanthonni and Nayakan losing out in the box office, In ghost house Inn must end up as a profitable affair in the box office,not because of it's merit though.

Verdict: 5/10 Average as an opinion.



Vinayan said...

Am still tossing between to see or not to see the movie...You said Pramani is also collapsed..Nice to hear such pathetic stories are collpasing in box office even with the star image...Good review and good langugage.

nikhimenon said...

there is nothin wrong in givin this one a try...yu may find it watchable,atleast due to the love for appukuttan,thomaskutty,mahadevan and govindan kutty....neways ts the better one among the other releases....

nikhimenon said...

btw thanks for the compliment