May 21, 2010

The Intellectuals of Dandewada.....!

//I salute people of Dantewada-

The Maoist menace in Central India is slowly becoming  a grave threat to India's internal security .When there are takers for it in 'intellectuals' like Ms.Arundathy Roy (whose claim to fame is nothing but a highly over hyped book which came out some good ten years ago)and those ' bearded men who sit in the Tv studios demanding justice for the tribals/maoists this is not going to die down soon.
There is no denial of the fact that the whole issue is a bit complicated one and an amicable solution should be sort out at the earliest for the tribals too have their share of woes.As P Chidambaram had rightly said,a full on military move would  only prove detrimental in the end and should not be the first choice for combating this terror.But with each passing day,the Maoists' actions are turning more and more violent and becoming far from justifiable.
C'mmon, What are you really achieving by  killing a few innocent Policemen and depriving their women and children of their livelihood ? And who is the loser in this whole exercise?The Government? No way....Will 'Ms Arundathy '  salute these Violence seekers if her husband or Brother was killed by the Maoists?(oops..sorry,'intellectuals' like her never marry for whatever reasons') .Does an apology really matter ,for the families of those innocent victims ? Kishenji might have thought otherwise though!
Violence in any form should be condemned,be it by the Lashkar Men or the Maoists.If the Maoists are justifying their deeds 'as a natural response to the state injustice towards the tribals', how can you blame the poor 'fanatic Lashkar men' and the AL Qaeda souls who are carrying out the insanity for 'Jihad' thereby killig Millions of Muslims,hindus and Christians in the process? The ruling parties might be getting political mileage through these incidents but at the end of the day ,it's we ,the civilians who are at the receiving end.


Akhilesh said...

Arundhati roy should be hanged along with the likes of Kasab

manu said...

man,don't write politics....
what do you know about Arundathy Roy?

marjaran said...

good article

Mc..... said...

nice.. the curse of our nation is this type of creepy slu*s inside against 100 core Indians.