January 3, 2011

The 5 lessons that Malayalam cinema taught us last year

Major Ravi has seriously no talent at writing and directing!-Even after four films,Major ravi seems to have absolutely no clue about what he is doing.This seriously make us wonder how he made a reasonably good 'Keerthichakra' 3 years back.Wasted the two legends of indian cinema(Big B and lalettan) in a below average flick named 'Kandahar'.

It's time for Meera Jasmine to retire gracefully!- The malayali audience have got sick of Meera's 'damsel in distress' act.They neither cared about her sob fest 'Paattinte Paalazhi' nor the equally ridiculous Saji Surendran misadventure 'Four Friends'.

Sathyan Anthikkad should reinvent himself!- Sathyan does the same thing again and again and manages to achieve reasonable success.But with 'kadha Thudarunnu' ending up as an average grosser at the boxoffice, we seriously hope that he tries something new,the next time.

Amal Neerad should get over with his fetish for ultra slo-mo shots: It was just fine when he did it for the first time in the slick Mammootty starrer Big B'.But it's not cool anymore,dude!

Dileep and Ranjith are back with a bang!- Dileep had a forgettable 2009 with almost all of his movies biting the dust.Though ranjith made the critically acclaimed 'Palerimanikyam' and 'kerala Cafe'(production) last year ,none of them were hits.With 4 super hits(one as the producer) and one average grosser to his credit,Dileep proved this year that he is still a bankable star while Ranjith got that elusive hit with the crtically acclaimed 'pranchiyettan and the Saint'. 

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rakesh said...

good post

Anonymous said...

Good Thoughts........!!!

The Generalist said...

till now i liked almost all sathyan anthikad movies,, i dont think he need to make much changes.. he is doin fine

nikhimenon said...

@ rakesh,anony...

thank you..

@ the generalist..

his movies might have worked for you.but i seriously think that post rasathanthram his movies have become repetitive