January 26, 2011

Ekta Yatra and some unanswered questions..

Bharathiya Janatha party could have done away with their plan to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk today.They might have their own political agenda but......

  1. Why has the hoisting of the national flag become a law and order situation in Jammu when it's still a part of the Republic of India?
  2.  Is Mr Omar Abdulla trying to appease the so called 'intellectuals' and the 'secularists'/separatists by blocking the hoisting of the National Flag at Lal Chowk?
  3. As the B.J.P claims,do the people of Jammu hoist the Pakisthani flag instead of the tricolour at Lal Chowk on the republic day?  
  4. Is it fair from the part of B.J.P to resort to provocative acts like this at a sensitive place in Jammu,when the Government itself had earlier backed away from it?
  5. The Government is repeatedly saying that raising the tricolour will disrupt the peace in Kashmir.But if they can't ensure a peaceful flag hoisting in the republic day,then what is the so called 'peace'that they are talking about?
  6. One of the greatest 'intellectuals' of our country Ms.Barkha Datt has written in H.T. - Hindustan Times (January 21), : 'So, while the Ekta Yatra seeks its legitimacy in the cover of 'nationalism', in fact, it is a patently dangerous and destructive political approach that will only tamper with an already-fragile peace in the state. If Jammu and Kashmir  erupts into unrest and violent regional conflict as a result of this yatra, won't that be the very opposite of national interest?'.There is a saying in Malayalam 'Thummiyal Therikkunna Mookkanenkil ,innallenkil naale mattoru thummal vannal athu therikkille?'
  7. Right from Ms Mehmooba Mufthi to Mr Omar Abdulla says that the B.J.P.has nothing more than their Political agenda behing their Rath Ektha Yathra,but should we overlook the plight of the poor Kasmiri Pandits who are forced to flee from their homes?
  8. Why did the B.J.P not conduct a similar yathra when they were in power?



tannu said...

well said

Bedazzled said...

Awesome post ! Very pertinent questions to a multi-layered is ue.My opinion is that it was a provocative move. But how long can Jammmu be guarded like this?