May 3, 2011

'China Town' is a 'retarded' film..

The latest multistarrer in the town- 'China Town' turned out to be a terrible experience for me.Mohanlal playing a goonda,Dileep repeating the stale numbers used by 'Ayyappa Baiju' in stage shows and Jayaram redoing his grunting and growling act',that is what 'China Town' has to offer .Never expect a 'Punjabi House','Hello' or even an 'Ee Parakkum Thalika'(a low brow comedy,but enjoyable to a great extent) from this mess of a film. Rafi Mekkartin and co have wasted not one but three of the most talented actors(Mohanlal,Jayaram,Dileep) in Malayalam cinema in this idotic film. If you are an imbecile or a toddler, you would thoroughly enjoy the movie;else stay way from this mess.

Ps: I am extremely tired to write a detailed review for this terrible copy of 'Hangover'.Believe me, this is one of those rare films' the prints of which deserve to be used as toilet paper!


Maya said...

didnt catchup with it yet,, i think dileep is gd only in single starrers