October 6, 2011

90 days...

                      That's what is left (approximately) for AIPGMEE 2012(All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exams 2012).Life as a Med Pg (PG worker)aspirant has been tough.Everyone(right from Gopalan chettan-the doodhwala to Ramani chechi-our housemaid) starts asking you -"Entha Pg kku onnum pokunnille?"("Not going for Med Pg?").
                       Sometimes i get the feeling that these people are more interested in seeing me fail than me getting through the Entrance.Ramu,the newspaper boy is so interested in my life that every 3 rd day or so he advises( as if I already dont know these things) me-" Chetta,M.B.B.S kondu ippo enthu aaakana,p.g. illathe oru karyavum illa ee kalathu..."(Bro,M.B.B.S is not enough these days,you need to take Post graduation"). 
Got so pissed with him today that i actually asked him -

"Ramu, ethu vare padichittundu?"("Ramu, how much have you studied?")
After a moment,came his reply-" Till 5 th standard"

                              This is life......!!!!!

Ps- Thank you Raj,PeeVee,Red Handed,Shukoor,Viya,Shreya,Maya,The Updater,Madhulika,Chitra,Sarah,Vijay Menon,Sh@s,abhilash ruhela for your love and support.It mean a lot to me.



The Updater said...

Lol :D That's how our society works! People are more interested in others than themselves.
If only people would focus on what they do and what they want, our country would have been so much better!
(Can't believe I actually related this to national development :P)
Either ways, this post reminded me of my PG entrance exams :'(
120 days :(
Good luck with the exams :)