December 3, 2011


The dates for AIPGME 2012(All India Post Graduate Medial Entrance Exams ) have been announced! The exam will be held on  January 8 ,2012.This means we are I am SCREWED!We were expecting the exams (in) Feb-March next year as the notification had not been out for long(usually it comes out 1.5-2months prior to the exam,this year nothing was heard till Nov 29 th).



vivek said...

all the best for ur exams dude

manoj kurian said...

all the best

Express said...

I heard abt the AIPGME 2012 fiasco from some close friends. Goodluck with sewing the torn :D


Shreya said...

Aww..this is so annoying to know exams dates scheduled earlier. Well, all the best.. this may help ;)