January 10, 2012

The 'AIIMS Exam' Fraud

Sunday's(Jan 8,2012) All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam(AIPGME 2012) was an extremely tough one.Some of the questions were so tough for an M.B.B.S. graduate however hardworking he or she may be.Now they say that the questions had got leaked and a couple of  20 something MBA s(!) have been arrested by the police.
C'mmon,if this is the case with the exam conducted by the most prestigious Medical institute in the country(for admitting students into the Govt Medical colleges/Med-PG seats in the country) in the 'most efficient,foolproof and transparent manner',you can't really blame the private medical colleges/donation universities for 'fixing' their entrance exams!
The whole system is rotten .An 'Anna Hazare' can change nothing!

-nikhimenon,a PG aspirant 

ps- All Pg aspirants reading this post may go through this and this