January 24, 2012

Celebrity Cricket League- A great thought.!

Don't know how many of you have heard about the 'Celebrity Cricket League'(CCL) which is into it's second season this year.For the uninitiated,CCL is a T20 tournament something like the 'IPL' with celebrities from Bollywood(Mumbai Heroes),Kollywood(Chennai Rhinos),Malayalam(Kerala Strikers),Kannada(Karnataka Bulldozers),Bengali(Bengal Tigers) Cinema as it's team members.Expectedly the purists and the cricket experts have already raised eye brows and have even dismissed the event as 'just another marketing gimmick' which promises nothing but 'school level cricket'.But after watching Sunday's match(January 22 nd,2012) between the 'Kerala Strikers'(owned by Priyadarshan,Mohanlal and Mr Shaji) and Sohail Khan's 'Mumbai Heroes' I can definitely say that it is undoubtedly a 'paisavasool' affair.At a time when even the B.C.C.I. is least bothered about what it's team is doing in Australia watching our filmstars play cricket was entertaining.In a country where something like the 'IPL' grabs more eye balls than it's own National game-the hockey,at a time when a Chetan Bhagat sells atleast a million more copies than an 'Amitav Ghosh' or a Salman Rushdie, Celebrity Cricket League will be a sure shot winner.Period!



rajesh said...

well said..i enjoyed watching CCL...