June 17, 2012

Review Roundup: Bachelor Party

(An official poster of the Movie)

Amal Neerad is one director who has always thought that technical brilliance and gimmicks can save a poorly scripted film.Though his Big B and Anwar were somewhat watchable,Saagar Alias Jacky was a total let down.It seems he hasn't learned from his past mistakes for his highly anticipated,humongously hyped latest flick(with plenty of colour corrected ultra-slo mo shots),Bachelor Party has also got a thumbs down from the viewers and critics alike.

Veeyen of nowrunning thinks the movie is a pretty bad one.He writes..
Bachelor Party' has one of the shakiest scripts that I have seen in recent times, and by shaky, I mean the kind that is decrepit and literally falling to pieces. It features a story that could perhaps be fine material for a ten minutes (or less) short film, but with the characters moving around in real slow motion, I guess it's understandable that the film gets stretched to an odd couple of hour

Blogger,Ben also shares similar views.The movie is shoddy,he says..
The impressive promos & an array of stars will ensure a bumper opening for the film, but all of this will die out by the end of this weekend. With so much blood spattering & gun shots as if it was a videogame, it will make you cringe in your seats & makes you yearn for the exit. In short, don't even bother watching in theatre unless you are sloshed just like the protagonists!!!

Rediff review is brutal.Paresh C Palicha thinks the movie is unbearable.
Enticing visuals and humour laced with innuendoes do not make a good film as Bachelor Party, directed by Amal Neerad, proves. It's high on testosterone with a largely male cast, male fashion and style, but low on credibility.In the end, we are left with the feeling that director Amal Neerad has stretched his style of filmmaking to unbearable and disappointing levels in Bachelor Party.

The guy at yentha too thinks the same(the review seems to be as bad as the movie though!).He continues..
I said what I had to say. I might stop my friends but others can definitely give it a try. The only question that remained at the end of the movie was this - why this Kolaveri?

The movie is said to be inspired from the Hongkong Cat iii film,'Exiled' directed by Johnnie To.


bipin said...

not a single movie of amal neerad is original...though cinematography in his movies are awesum......

bipin said...

not a single movie of amal neerad is original....though cinematography of his films are surely an attraction factor.......

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