December 20, 2012

Gujarat Assembly polls 2012: The biggest surprise

Gujarat CM- Narendra Modi

A NaMo victory in 2012 Gujarat assembly elections was something which everyone expected.But the biggest surprise this time was the victory of the B.J.P candidate(Chauhan Pravinsinh) from Godhra constituency.Remeber even rediff(which is an otherwise unbiased media unlike the pro- congress NDTV,IBN live,The Hindu et al) had written just a couple of day's ago that 'the Muslims of Godhra will never vote for B.J.P eventhough the Congress candidate there is very poor'.Meanwhile Modi has also managed to win 8/12 Muslim constituencies in Gujarat.

    A new beginning?



SMS said...

Congratulations Mr Narendra Modi for your Exemplary Feat of defeating these Anti National Reactionary Forces - Threat by these Indian Talibans Thugs are Worse than the Worst Terrorists in the World. Death Knell to the Congress, UPA - United Plunder Association - Super Slave of the Congress, Corruption Emperor Karuna NIDHI, DMK, DK Gangsters, Looters etc... Most Corrupt, Anti India, Anti Hindu, Extreme Superstition, Caste, Communal, Nepotism, Facism, Racism, Social Evils, Hatred, Divide and Misrule Politics, Foreign Stooges,Imperialist Agents, Maniac of all Sorts. Curtain Raiser for Total Rout of Congress, DMK - Destruction Munnetra 'Kalagam' - the coming General Elections. These Anti People parties should be dumped to the Political Gutters.

hindi-sms said...

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hindi-sms said...

Congratulations. You proved beyond doubt that you are true secular and not appeasing any sections on cast, creed or religion like other political parties.You deserve to be national leader who can bring true development to the nation and India surpasses all its neighbors including China. China is communist one party control so their progress is based on slaver labor and crushing opposite voice while you are leading true democratic state.