October 9, 2013

Raja Rani- Short Review

Official Poster of the movie
          Watched Arya-Jai-Nayanthara starrer 'Raja Rani',produced by A.R.Murugadoss and directed by debutant Atlee yesterday.Though the reviews were mixed,decided to give it a try as I had loved A.R.M's previous production venture,'Éngeyum Eppothum'.The movie turned out to be better than expected.The story line is wafer thin and the tag line-'there is love after love failure',pretty much sums up what is in store for the viewer.In 'RR',Atlee tells basically three love stories.The first one involves Regina(Nayantara) and Surya(Jai),the second one- John(Arya) and Keerthana(Naziya Nazim) and the third one is that of Regina and John.
                           Though RR has traces of their last hit(EE),smart writing,nice visuals,decent performances(especially by Jai and Nayanthara),good songs and competent direction saves the flick from being monotonous and boring.The first half is fast-paced and breezy with a very good performance by Jai but the same cannot be said about the second half which drags a bit and also has a stupid pre-climactic twist which seems to have been added as an after thought.Moreover some things remain largely un- explained in the film(for instance,why on earth did Regina's father-a multi millionaire and M.D. of a Multi national company get her married to John,a middle class boy with a not-so-promising job?).However if these flaws are overlooked,'RR' qualifies as an above average film which succeeds in entertaining it's target audience during most part of it's run time.  

Inshort,Raja Rani is a decent rom-com flick and can be definitely watched once,if you have a liking for movies belonging to this genre!