November 26, 2013

What a shame!

Tarun Tejpal

I have always felt that 'Tehelka' was just another mouth piece of 'the ruling party'.Except for a few occassions,it has always behaved like one.Now,with it's founder and editor-in-chief facing serious charges of rape(with even the greatest 'liberals' and pseudo-intellectuals like Ms.Roy,publicly disowning him)and it's managing editor behaving as if she has got some paranoid delusions,the folks at Tehelka have also proved that they are a bunch of shameless people who never practiced what they preached.Mr.Tejpal might come out unscathed from this scandal,thanks to the 'good contacts' he has with the high and the mighty,but you've been 'exposed',Mr editor! 

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abhilash said...

it's really a shame indeed

John Albert said...

hahaha...right...true story.

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