April 30, 2014

on Why I don't think Modi will be the next PM of India

                             First things first.I'm a huge fan of Narendra Modi and I firmly believe that he is the only one strong politician of the present times who is fit enough to lead  our Country.He is an efficient administrator and his 'development model' is sure to make India a much better place to live in.But still,I really don't think that he will be the successor to the Singh(who inspite of being in the position for the last 10 years never managed to be the King,thanks to the back seat driving of the mother-son duo).A UPA III Government or even worse a third front govt backed by the Congress and it's loyal allies will be a sure shot recipe for disaster and if that happens,I believe our Country will plunge to anarchy and total disarray.(We know how pathetic our economy is now.A Central Government run by Mulayam,Lalu et al will definitely ensure that the already fragile economy meets with a total collapse).Listing the five reasons for my pessimistic thoughts.Read on.

  • The 2004 scare!- Seeing all the exit poll reports and the innumerable media surveys predicting a BJP win in 2014,I get nothing but a sense of dejavu.Then also,everyone had predicted an NDA wave but still it was the Congress who managed to form a overnment with the help of the 'Comrades ' and the fellow 'secular' goons!
  • The illegal migrants,fake aadhars/voters IDs/minority consolidation/fear mongering and the campaign of the pseudo secular parties-We know they will never vote for the BJP and their numbers have risen alarmingly in the last 6-10 years.The didis and behenjis can never win an election without these and there has been a deliberate attempt by these vested interests to scare the Muslims and other 'minorities' which make them hesitant to vote for the BJP and it's allies.
  • The poor presence of BJP and it's allies in the South,North East- It's common knowledge that the NDA doesn't have much of a presence in Kerala,Tamil Nadu(the rainbow alliance!?it looks pretty weak to me).Naidu doesn't have much of a chance in Andhra,I believe and about West Bengal,Assam et al (which are fast becoming satellite states of  Bangladesh),the lesser said the better.
  •  The Maharashtra scare and the Great wall of U.P.-The ego trip of the warring thackerays might ensure a decent tally for the NCP-Congress in Maharashtra(a big enough state which matters much in the final tally) and the SP-BSP combo might win a respectable number of seats for 
  •  The 'Club 160'-Well,they may be not that strong,but it definitely matters!

Ps-Feel sorry for India,it's fate will be sealed on the 16 th of MAY,2014.
PsPs-  Diggie Raja hits a six! 


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I wish Modi becomes the PM

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