June 3, 2014

Blog review: 'The Red Handed blog'

                        Well,it's review time! As a part of the 'Review a blog week' initiative of indiblogger,I have decided to review this awesomely awesome blog called the 'Red Handed' which was made in the backseat of a car on one particular dark moonless night.The author,a lawyer by profession,a Foodie by compulsion and an avid blogger by passion shamelessly flaunts her bhopali-malayalee roots quite frequently.Her blogposts are mostly on the numerous adventures which she had managed to accomplish during her last twenty plus years (though her quirky sense of humour has often made me visualise her as one of those super cool aunties who belong to the 'Doordarshan-Madhumohan' era of the 90 s) of existence on planet Earth.

Blogtitle and the layout-The title is catchy and distinct and the blog layout is also quite decent.The blogger has made sure that she doesn't clutter the home page with too may un-necessary widgets,dead links and pointless add-ons.

Content-As I had mentioned earlier,the blog is necessarily a humorous account of the author's life.Laced with satire and sarcasm,the writer's views often hit the bull's eye(sample this: Anti-Rape Makeup,May 2014) and seldom bores the dedicated reader. Her ability to write about stuff which have some sort of shock-value and the uncanny ability to title her posts which ensure maximum 'hits'(readership) have definitely helped the blog in a big way.Having said that,I should also admit that there have been occassions when I was totally let down by her posts.(but thankfully,they were few and far between)

Readerbase-the blog defintely has a solid readerbase and it's also noteworthy that the author actually takes the pain to respond to each and every comment made by the readers.The 'contact link' in the blog is also nicely done as is the link to the twitter/social networking websites.

Fonts and Formatting-The font size is optimum and the background colours are also quite pleasing to the eye.There aren't many formatting errors and the spacing between the words and the paragraphs are also quite perfect.One issue though I have in this area is the non-standardisation of the font used in the different posts(i.e,it would have been nice  had the author used the same font for the main body of text for all the posts.In the present form,I can see this post having a particular font(Times new Roman,I guess) whereas this one is having a different one.

Labels,Consistency,Readability and Entertainment quotient- The author seems to be disinterested in 'labelling' her posts.The consistency in the updates is quite commendable as I can see a brand new post appearing at an interval of 4-8 days (on an average).The posts are quite funny barring that odd one here and there.

Overall Rating-On the whole,I am giving 'The Redhanded' blog a  good three and a half out of five.It's quite an engaging read!



Red Handed said...

Thank you sooo much for this review!! What bluntness!!
I liked that you noticed so much! And honesty!! Commendable!

Doordarshan Madhumohan era aunty! hehehehe :D
Also even I hadn't noticed the font difference! Thank you for pointing that out. and 3.5 out of 5..I AM A HAPPY WOMAN!


Rajlakshmi said...

that's a wonderful review. I love her... the way she writes her posts with so much ease and dollops of humour, kept me hooked from the day I landed on her blog.

nikhimenon said...


you are welcome!

Ankur Anand said...

Actually this is such a wonderful review of her blog .. ! Font shortcoming was clearly pointed !

nikhimenon said...

@ ankur,rajalakshmi

thanks for your comments