October 13, 2014

Book Review:Fraudster by R.V.Raman

Publisher:Hachette India
Price:250 INR/-
Source:Review copy via Writer's Melon

                 I'm a huge fan of Ravi Subramanian.Frankly speaking,he is one of the most genuine thriller writers(English) India has ever produced.I have had the opportunity to read and review quite a number of desi thrillers by first time authors in the recent past and surprisingly found most of them to be pretty mediocre.So, when this new corporate thriller by R.V.Raman came up for review, I was not very excited initially .The book not only sounded but also looked pretty much similar to a 'Ravi Subramanian' thriller(for a fleeting moment,I even thought this new book was a knock-off of Subramanian's highly successful 'Bankster'!). But now,after reading this 280+ pages long thriller,I can confidently say that 'Fraudster' is no run-of-the-mill stuff and R.V.Raman is here to stay. 

               The book opens with the mysterious death of a young banker(Shruti),soon after she is  terminated from her job for no fault of hers.Somewhere in South Bombay another death happens,this time the victim is a high profile doyen (Mr Visht) of Corporate India.What makes the death significant is that Mr Visht was a member of the committe (which was investigating a high profile financial fraud) before which Shruti had deposed just before her demise.Enter Inspector Ranade,the maverick Police Officer who is in-charge of the case and joining him in his mission to find the truth are Kamini(Visht's daughter),Varsha-an energetic executive of a global auditing firm and her friends,Kunal and co.What ensues is a fast paced ride with twists and turns happening at the most unexpected plot points.   

              The writing style is reminiscent of Ravi Subramanian but I must confess that R.V.Raman has tried his best not to copy the former consciously at any point of time.The English is pretty simple with the technical facts explained in a simple and lucid manner without weighing down the reader with heavy duty jargons.Raman's writing is devoid of the faintest trace of literary pretentions; at the same time the suspense is well maintained throughout.The pace doesn't slacken a bit and the moment you feel the tempo is going a bit downhill,comes a totally unexpected twist! Raman is undoubtedly an author who knows the pulse of his reader.

What I liked the most about this book-
  • The writing style
  • The unexpected twists and turns
  • The racy narrative
What I didn't like-
  • The Title and the Cover design (The reason,I think I have already mentioned in the first part of this post)

Verdict:On the whole,Fraudster is a paisa vasool thriller.Buy it,you won't regret your decision! Rating-4/5