November 30, 2014

Missed Chances


                 Writing about missed chances is actually not a very great idea.The reasons are quite obvious.First of all,it brings back a whole lot of unwanted memories which you badly want to permanently delete from your cerebrum’s recycle bin.Secondly (and most importantly),it is actually a pointless affair.You aren’t gaining anything by cutting through your old wounds. Infact one cannot actually do anything about his(her) missed chance unless he has his own time machine at his disposal. I don’t have a time machine or anything to correct myself  but still, I’m here writing about the one big missed chance in my life as I couldn’t overlook this awesomely awesome activity organised by blogadda.Some might find it pretty interesting but I’m sure that the majority will dismiss it as plain silly. 

               I still don’t know what prompted my parents  think that I had become old and mature enough to get married.Was it my fast receding hairline or the fear of the big ‘3’ (morethan anyone else, they should be well aware that their beloved son will be turning 'thirty' in a couple of years).Whatever it may be, I was sitting in a Coffee shop,laughing all the way to glory (at Arun’s yet another X-rated joke) and bitching about my colleagues (not in any particular order though)when I suddenly got a call from my dad

“Hi dad,what happened?
“Hmm…I wanted to ask you whether you can come home this weekend?”
“What?I mean….Why?”
“You come home anyways”
“No,unless you tell me what it is,I’m not coming..”
“Okay,you have to see a girl”
“Whaatttt???? I hate Kids,I don’t wish to have a baby now!!!!”
“See,don’t make a fuzz .This proposal is very good and moreover you are getting old.You have to come and say yes to this.Check your mail”

I must admit that it did the trick.The image of a bald me suddenly started projecting in my mind as if in a loop.What will I do,if no girl is willing to marry me after a couple of years? Anyways, a good 14 hours later, I was in this ‘girl’s house’, trying to figure out which looked more pale-the ‘ladoo’ which was there on the dining table or the girl’s ‘face’ which was right in front of me.

Okay,now if the girl and boy have something to talk for themselves,they can do it now”- the old gentleman (who apparently was the girl’s maternal uncle) said in a semi-orgasmic tone with a cheesy smile on his face.Dude,we are not going to discuss about family planning straight away!-I wanted to enlighten him,but resisted from doing so thinking about the negative impact it can have on my ‘well-mannered boy from aristrocratic family’ image.

So the stage was set and I was accompanied to the balcony of the house by the girl for a one-on-one ‘private’conversation with her.

The Girl:“Hi,so You are nikhimenon?
Me:(Obviously,what did you think Girl?)”Yup”
G:“I am told that you read a lot
Me:” Yeah,I love reading.Infact,I wish to become a writer in life”
G: ” Even me too love reading.When I was a child,I loved reading Tinkle.These days.I don’t get much time to read.Still,I find myself time to read Femina
Me: (trying my best,not to sound sarcastic) “Wow…..That’s great!!!”
G: “Are you adamant and short tempered?”
Me: “What?”
G: “No,I wanted to know whether you are a self-centred person
Me: “I hope,I am not
G: “You don’t shave regularly?”
Me: “Oops…!Yes……No…….N…I mean No” ((I must say that it was more like a googly.I still cannot fathom why she asked that question all of a sudden.In my hurry to get the train and come back to Kerala to see the girl,I hadn’t bothered to shave and make myself more presentable and neat)
G: “Oh…” (I could see contrasting emotions on her face at this point.Was it plain disdain that I could read?)

Thankfully,the ‘conversation’ ended abruptly for the ‘maternal Uncle’s’ timely intervention.He came to the balcony with his cheesy smile intact and mouthing a cliched’ dialogue- “ hmm…you can talk more after marriage…ha ha ha!!!
Anyways,we left the girl’s house pretty soon.The girl’s dad called my dad after a couple of days and apparently told him that they were not that keen on this alliance.
My dad still asks me what went wrong and why the girl didn’t like me.I feigned ignorance.But I’m pretty sure now that it was the stubble which came in the way of my chance to make a good impression.

Afterall,You cannot do anything about a missed chance,Can you?

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Locomente said...

And all the best for the contest!

Red Handed said...

Why would a girl reject a person because he forgot to shave. I hate a man who is clean shaven :P

nikhimenon said...


all the best...!

sarin said...

ha ha..nice post