January 14, 2015

Malayalam Cinema 2014: The Worst of 2014

2014 saw a record number of 150+ Malayalam releases.While half a dozen of them were big hits,almost an equal number of them broke even and the rest bit the dust.Well,this post is nikhimenon's pick of the worst of 2014.

Worst Movie: One by Two (Arun Kumar Aravind)
Second Worst Movie: Gangster (Ashik Abu)
Worst Movie(by a debutant director):Salalah Mobiles (Sharath Haridasan)
Worst Performance(in a lead role/actor):Jayaram(Utsaha Committee)
Worst Performance(in a lead role/actress): Urvashi(My Dear Mummy)
Worst Performance(in a supporting role/actor):Ahmed Siddique(Praise the Lord)
Worst Performance(in a supporting role/actress):Akansha Puri(Praise the Lord)
Worst Performance(in a villainous  role/actor):Murali Gopy(Naku Penta Naku Taka)
Worst Performance(in a comic role):Baburaj (Utsaha Committee)
 Worst Script: Sethu (Salaam Kasmir)
Worst art-house flick: Balyakala Sakhi (Pramod Payyanur)
Worst Music:M.G.Sreekumar (Aamayum Muyalum)
Worst Lyrics:’Adada adu..’(Masala Republic)
Worst Cinematogaphy:---------
Worst ‘re-make’/sequel:Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 (Mamas K Chandran)
Special Mention (for the most irritating film Personality,off-screen)- Dr Biju

*The Special Mention was suggested by Syam,a regular reader of this blog



syam said...

I think salaam Kashmir should be ranked first considering the experienced people in it.also kindly give most irritating personality award to Dr biju☺

syam said...

Common salaam Kashmir should be ranked first.also special jury award for the most irritating personality should be given to Dr biju

nikhimenon said...


your second suggestion has been accepted and included in the post,keep reading RT

sailesh said...

where is masala republic?