February 7, 2015

Introducing Couponzdeal: Steal the Deal!

                                 Online shopping has got a lot of advantages.Right from the pricing to the sheer variety of products that are available at the click of a mouse button,e-commerce has infact transformed the shopping experience of the average Indian.To be very frank,in this era of 'Big Billion Days' and 'online shopping fiestas',it's pretty hard to resist the lure of the online retailers.Well,if you are an internet shopaholic,there is some (more) good news in store for you.There is this new website called '' which is offering free shopping coupons(discount vouchers) for online shoppers.The coupons/vouchers obtained from this awesomely awesome website can be used to avail massive discounts when you buy stuff from the major online retailers like amazon,flipkart,snapdeal,jabong; to name a few.In simple terms,couponzdeal is helping you to save more!

                I'm sure that atleast a few of you will be thinking about how the whole system works!Well,it's not as complicated as you think.Couponzdeal is a pretty reliable and user friendly discount coupons/deals aggregator website which, in addition to offering discount vouchers and coupons to it's users, informs them about the various offers and promotions listed in the reputed online stores.So you log in to the website and you something like this-

       The coupons are neatly arranged according to the seller as well as their category.You click on the respective seller,say amazon and this is what you will see -


        As you can see in the picture above,under amazon coupons, the first one is for amazon fashion.You click on it,the link will be redirected to the corresponding section(fashion)in amazon which is offering clothes at a whopping 70% off.Pretty easy,naa?Well,for the lazy bums out there,couponz deal also has incorporated a dedicated search box (which is located in the extreme right corner of the homepage) which can be used to locate the availability of coupon codes for buying the product of your choice through the chosen retailer.Even if you aren't a fashion buff,don't worry.Couponzdeal has got something for everyone.For instance,if you are looking to buy pet supplies or home appliances at a discount rate,this link will redirect you to the pepperfry coupons.Just click on the coupon code icon and you will get access to your exclusive coupons at pepperfry.It's a win-win situation for you-even if you are an impulsive buyer. 

       If you ask me what's the big deal about this website,I can confidently pin point atleast a couple of  benefits.

1.It's fast and easy- You don't have to sign in or give your credit card number or anything.Couponzdeal is free for all and it just helps to make your life a lot easier.Want to gift something special for girl friend this Valentine's Day?Don't hesitate to avail the coupons which are given out by this awesomely awesome website.

2.It's convenient-In this age of e-commorce boom,competing e-retailers are vying so much for the consumers attention that very often the buyers are in a dilemma to choose between the different offers.Couponzdeal not only helps the average customer to keep track of all the offers which are available but also guides him in choosing the best among the lot.

Inshort,check out this site at the earliest.You won't regret your decision.Happy shopping!