February 1, 2015

Quikr Nxt- On Quikr and it's new 'Chat' feature!

                 Well,this one is is going to be a post on buyer aur seller ka perfect matchmaker.Atleast half of my regular readers might have heard about this awesomely awesome virtual market place for buying and selling stuff. At the onset,I would like to make a couple of things is not a place solely dedicated for second-hand/used goods.Actually,there are many unused products also listed in this site.You just have to carefully look for the status/state of the product that is displayed towards the right hand side of the page.Okay,for the beginners,I’ll explain a bit about how the site actually works.

When you first log in to,you’ll see a window which looks something like this-

 As you might have figured out by now,the window requires you to select the city of your choice(the city from which you are planning to buy/sell your product).Once you have decided on that,you will be directed towards the product category-

  Naturally,the next logical thing to do is to select the product category of your choice.Say,home and life-style.
     Now select the sub category within home and life style-(I have chosen furniture/Bed sets)

So,I have shortlisted this particular product (i.e. a brand new double cot from a seller in Marathahalli).The sellers contact details are given.I can either call him and negotiate the price and ask for the further details about the product or chat with him.
This chat option is a recently added feature in and using this,the user can directly chat with the dealer/seller.
     A chat box as seen above will appear and we just have to type in our personal details(name,mobile number and e-mail id) before posting our querry.Click on the Chat now icon and bingo! the reply is received.The system is quite fool proof and user friendly.Once you have finalized the deal,you can ask the dealer whether any delivery option is provided by them.if the seller is a manufacturer/dealer (and not an individual),most of the time,delivery oprtions will also be available with them.Simple,naa?

     Well,this is all about the desktop website of's more exciting about this newly added chat feature in is that using it(quikr nxt),the buyers and sellers can chat with each other across the mobile site as well as the app.Awesome,Isn't it?When I last used quikr for buying a music player a couple of months back,this chat feature was not there in the website.After shortlisting a couple of players,I had to call each and everyone of the sellers to zero in on one product.But now since the chat option is there,I think things will be far more easy for buying a product from this site.

    Though there are many websites out there for buying/selling used goods,I don't think any of them except quikr have got this unique chat feature.Instant chat is a very good way to communicate before making an online deal.It's definitely fast and a lot easier when compared to the conventional phone call/talk with the dealer.

Image Courtesy-Indiblogger quikr nxt page
If given a choice,I will any day prefer a chat with the seller to a telephonic conversation.The reasons are many.If you ask me for the top three ,I will easily pin point the following-

  1. Chat is more Cost effective-Quite obvious.Isn't it?Unlike a phone call,a chat is cheap.You don't have to pay for the Chat.Provided you have a good internet connection,chat is more convenient and a more effective mode of communication.Even if you are not actually buying the product in future,you don't lose anything.Where as,the decision to drop the plan to buy some stuff after multiple,prolonged telephonic conversation with the buyer will always bear the monitory burden of the telephone bills!You get the feeling that you spent all that money on phone calls for nothing!A chat didn't cost you anything extra.So no hard feelings!
  2. A Chat doesn't disturb others-Even if you are not in a situation to have a loud telephonic conversation,a chat may still be feasible.Consider yourself to be in a very noisy,crowded place.Will a phone call be possible now?Definitely No!But you may still be in a position to communicate with your seller/buyer through chat!That's one of the main benefits of having this 'chat' option.You are neither disturbing others nor adding to the already noisy environment by resorting to the 'chat' option for communicating with your buyer/seller.Moreover,this 'chat' feature also ensures that your mobile is not bombarded with calls from the sellers/buyers all the time.Pretty Cool!What say You?
  3. A Chat provides privacy,is also a document-A Chat has the added advantage of providing privacy.The number privacy feature in quikr chat is quite a bonus!Besides,chat history can also be used as a document later.Unlike a telephonic conversation which is more dependent on one's memory,a chat with a detailed transcript provides a more robust documented evidence pertaining to the deal.Moreover through chat,the buyer and seller can easily exchange pictures/photos and thereby get a better idea about the condition of the product/commodity.
  On the whole,this 'quikr nxt',chat feature is an awesome idea from quikr.It makes the seller's and the buyer's lives a lot more easy.Shopping can never be more fun!

This post is written for quikr,in association with indiblogger



Ankita said...

you have very rightly said that chat is cost effective. privacy is another point that makes me prefer chat over a call. Nice post!

nikhimenon said...

thanks ankita

rahul said...

shall try using quikr to sell my ipod soon

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Good post. Thanks.

Greetings from London.

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informative writing!