March 22, 2015

The Pursuit of Happiness!

                  All of us are (supposedly) normal human beings with our own likes and dislikes.Materialistic pursuit is an indispensable part of our life.Be it the brand new smart phone which has just come out in the market or the new high end car which has recently hit the roads,there is always something or the other which we wish to buy.We go after them thinking that it would make our lives happier.There is this friend of mine who is a shopaholic (and spends almost ten grand a week!),and has no qualms in admitting that his 'happiness' in life is directly proportional to the price value of the stuff that he is able to buy!(the costlier the item,the happier he is!)C'mmon,all of us are definitely not as fortunate as my dear friend.First of all,most of us don't earn that much money in our lives.Secondly,we might not be sharing his 'ideology' of happiness!If you ask me,it's from the small things in life where I mostly derive my happiness.This post is about five such small things in life.

1.Buying good books- If someone offers me a barrel full of beer and a carton full of books and asks me to choose either of them,I'll gladly go for the latter.I'm madly in love with books(which obviously explains the innumerable book reviews posted in this blog!).I like everything related to books,the attractive jacket,the smell of freshly printed ink and paper,the wonderful fictional world in which it's characters live...well,almost everything!The magical world of books gives me happiness,lends me a reason to live in this otherwise boring world.Infact,I spend most of my monthly earnings on books.Whenever I'm down,I try to pick up a really good book.I think nothing else can do the trick for me!

2.Blogging- Well,I'll be frank here.I didn't exactly start this blog expecting to make money out of it.It was actually one of the really depressing phases of my life which resulted in the 'birth' of this blog(some good 7 years back).Since then,random thoughts has been my paradise.Here,I can write about anything which bothers my mind without the fear of offending anyone.

3.Penning Scripts-Again,this is something which gives me immense joy.Creating a fictional world full of life-like characters is something which I really love doing.So far,I have written almost half a dozen scripts(which are in various stages of discussion)Believe me,it's super fun!

4.Watching Movies-C'mmon,everyone loves watching films.What's so special about it? But then,when did I tell you that I'm an extra-ordinary human being?I'm just a normal guy who dreams,eats,sleeps and drinks just like each one of you!Well,if you ask me which is my favourite genre as far as movies are concerned;the reply will be quick-I like watching Horror flicks,'Thai Horror',to be precise.Shutter is my favourite horror flick till date!

5.Staying at Home-Well,this is something which doesn't need any explanation.What say you?

Written for Coco-Cola



Loco mente said...

Ah! The happiness that reading, writing and watching movies give... Well written