April 14, 2015

Namastey India: Asus Zen fone 2

          There was a time when buying a mobile phone with good features invariably meant shelling atleast a twenty grand from your pocket.Things have obviously changed for good now,for even a high end mobile phone won't cost you a little more than nine to ten thousand Indian rupees.A number of international brands have hit the Indian market in the last couple of years and I must say that some of them are performing really well.A notable one being,the Taiwanese MNC,Asus(Zenfones).All their models are powered by intel which make them very sturdy and reliable.

       I already have an Asus Zen fone 4.For quite sometime,I have been thinking about upgrading to a better model.It's not that I'm unhappy with that mobile or anything,but the lesser RAM of that handset has been acting as a deterrent in many ways.Being an avid 'gamer',higher RAM is something which I badly need.It's my buddy Venky,who told me that Asus is coming up with their latest variant of Zen Phone,the Zen Phone 2.After checking out the phone's specifications,I'm convinced that this is the perfect handset which will satisfy my needs.In this post,I'll elaborate on the five reasons which make me feel that this new phone will redefine my smart phone experience!

1.The RAM- As I have mentioned earlier in this post,a higher RAM is what I'm looking forward to in my new phone.With the Zen Phone 2 poised to be the world's first smart phone with a 4GB RAM,I believe this one is the right 'match' for me!

2.The sleek,stylish look!-Do you know how this phone looks like?If not,visit this page.Zen Phone 2 is a stunner!It looks so good and it's sleek design is a welcome change from the I-phone clones which you see in the market in plenty!

3.Greater Battery performance-The company claims that in this new model,they have incorporated a new,exclusive technology which will enable the device to get charged fully in less than an hour.C'mmon,what more can you ask for?I think for official uses,Zen phone 2 will be ideal.

4.Superior Camera-In this era,when everyone is obsessed with taking selfies and snaps at the drop of a hat,a highly efficient camera is a must in an android mobile phone.Asus Zenphone 2 offers even more than that!The PixelMaster Camera in this cell phone not only captures images with high resolution but also does so with no shutter lag!The phone has also got a low light mode which ensures brighter pictures even at night,when the lighting is poor!All these features definitely make this device an exciting handset.

5.Pricing-The Indian buyer is definitely price conscious.Unless the product is competitively priced,it's bound to fail.Asus knows it well,definitely.Zen Phone 2,even with all these wonderful features is affordably priced.So what are you waiting for?Try this device and re-define your smart phone experience at the earliest!

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nice fone,it looks like