April 28, 2015

On Asus Zenfone 2

Image-Asus website

           Well,these days virtually everyone moves around with an android in their pockets! Every other week,there is a new model hitting the stores and there is obviously a healthy competition among the manufacturers to deliver the best handset to the customer at the most affordable price!In a way,it's very good as far as the consumer is concerned,for he no-longer has to shell out half a lac Indian Rupees to buy the best mobile phone which is available in the market.The intense competition has infact made sure that the prices never hit the ceiling! Asus is a trusted Taiwanese handset manufacturer and their Zenfone series is already a hit among the masses(I'm happy to confess that I already have one of their earlier Zenfone models).Zenfone 2 is their latest model and seeing the features it has to offer,I'm already impressed!
        Okay,now you will definitely asking me why you should buy this new phone from Asus when you already have a sleek looking android phone which is working perfectly fine!Well,before answering your querry,let me ask you a couple of things-

  •          Have you ever felt that your phone is a bit weak in it's memory side(RAM) and is hanging a bit too often?
  •          Have you ever felt like throwing your phone ,thanks to the blurry, low-resolution pictures it is delivering when you  attempt a quirky selfie in the middle of the night?
  •          Have you ever experienced software issues with your phone?
  •          Have you ever felt let down by the archaic design of your android phone?
          Well,if you are nodding your head out there,I believe this post is definitely going to help you!
          One of the best things about Asus Zenfone 2 is it's RAM! This cute little phone has got a 4GB RAM,which is a first,as far as android phones are concerned.It's nothing but phenomenal!If you are a gaming freak,this is the perfect handset for you.The high RAM will not only make sure that your phone works perfectly fine while playing 'heavy' games but also provides you a superior gaming experience!It's PizelMaster camera will take care of your lighting issues and you don't have to worry about your 'precious' snaps getting blurred because of low lighting,anymore!It's unique ergonomic design is a welcome change from the random I-phone clones which is cluttering the market! The product comes enabled with a killer Intel Atom processor and believe me,this handset is going to give the existing models in the market a run for their money!Now don't get me wrong,this amazing product is not going to cost you a bomb!This product is priced quite lower when compared to the features it have and is undoubtedly the best buy!So,what are you waiting for?Grab a brand new zenfone 2 from flipkart at the earliest!


*written for Asus India


sunu said...

will buy this

sunu said...

wats d cost,bt?

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