May 15, 2015

Review:'My Airtel' App

Source:Airtel India

            Just about a week ago,I happened to read in an online portal that the guys behind Flipkart were planning to shut down their( website completely by the end of this year.Now don't get me wrong,the proposed plan was not because the company was making huge losses or anything.On the other hand,through this somewhat drastic step,they were trying to boost their sales and turn over by solely concentrating on their app(flipkart app) for selling their products.The consumers preferred using app to their online portal as per their internal survey,the report claims!To be honest,I have no clue about the veracity of these claims and I really don't know whether their website is really going to be shut down by the end of this year.But one thing is loud and clear,you can't turn a blind eye on the reach and popularity of online apps(applications) anymore!
         Well,if you think about it,you will realize that their thinking actually makes sense! When was the last time that you really logged in to a website to buy some stuff?An online app is all the more easy to use and undoubtedly far more convenient to browse through when compared to a full fledged website.Given a choice,all of us will definitely prefer an app to a site.Well,now you'll be wondering why I'm going on and on giving a lecture on the utility of apps in our day to day lives! Okay,lemme come to my point,I happened to download this latest app from airtel and I must say that I am mighty pleased with it.This post is going to be my humble attempt at reviewing airtel's latest app,i.e.-'My Airtel'.I have used it for the last couple of days and my genuine thoughts on it find form through the words below-
             To begin with,'My Airtel' app is a simple,user friendly application that helps it's users to manage all the services of Airtel(DTH,pre-paid/post-paid mobile connections) to which they have subscribed to.In addition to making the payment of bills and re-charges hassle free and instantaneous,the app also provides some exclusive offers to Airtel customers.Well,this part is quite ordinary,right?Okay,here comes the surprise package!This highly innovative app also provides it's customers with opportunities to win really exciting discount coupons and vouchers which can be availed when you buy your favourite food/cappuccino the next time!C'mmon,it cannot get bigger than this,right?The third party mobile recharge apps are a thing of the past,'My Airtel' app is here to stay!What I liked the most about this app is it's innovative and beautiful design,it not only is easy on your eyes,but also suits the company's basic logo and general theme.Full marks to the developers for sticking on to this sleek and innovative design. 
                  Inshort,'My Airtel' app is your ticket to a hassle free,internet life!So,why wait?download this app at the earliest!

written for airtel