August 29, 2015

Condoms In India

(Disclaimer: This post is going to be an health educational/promotional post on the use of Barrier Contraception.Reader discretion advised)

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           Being a Doctor,I have had the privilege to get acquainted with people from different walks of life.One of the common querries which they approach me with concerns the use of Oral Contraceptives and Barrier Contraception.That is infact the reason behind me penning down my thoughts on them now.As all of you know,a Condom is one of the cheapest and 'safest' methods to prevent 'unwanted' pregnancies.But still,many are wary of using it regularly even in this age.Many refrain from using them thinking that it will deprive them of their 'extra pleasure' while some others falsely believe that it's too difficult and uncomfortable to wear a Condom.Actually,if properly 'put',a barrier contraceptive is advantageous in many ways.First of all,Condoms are cheap,easily available and unlike the regular OCPs,come with zilch adverse effects.Secondly,and infact most importantly,they can protect from most of the STDs including the deadly HIV.Agreed,those of you who have got allergy to latex might find wearing a Condom almost impossible,but mind you,these days,Condoms made out of non-latex materials are also available in the market.It's also important that you choose the correct sized condom which suits you so that there is no chance of contraceptive failure.
The other day,a young man and his wife came to my OPD with a rather 'weird' complaint!The gentleman was a 29 year old driver from a nearby village.He was complaining that inspite of using Condom every time before doing intercourse, his wife had become pregnant! Though initially I dismissed his 'claim' , the dejected look on his wife's face made me probe further about the matter.Thirty minutes into it,I could find out the reason behind the 'contraceptive failure',the 'smart guy' was actually using the same Condom (after 'washing' ), everytime he was making love with his wife, the reason- he wanted to cut down on his 'condom expenses'! So,as narrated in the above incident,to avoid Condom failure,the following things should be kept in mind-
1.You should never reuse a used Condom (even after meticulous 'washing')
2.Always wear the Condom before intercourse
3.Never ever use an expired Condom
4.While opening the Condom packet, make sure that you don't puncture it inadvertently
5.Always wear the Condom of the correct size and make sure that you wear it correctly.
These days,there are many online stores like which make buying Condoms too easy.Gone are the days,you used to go to the 'medical store' and asked for the 'C' thing in hush-hush tones! Use Condoms,stay healthy,stay young! Wishing You all a healthy sex life,


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