April 2, 2017

Movie Review:Georgettan's Pooram

                        I stopped reviewing movies a long time back.Way back in 2007,when I started writing in this blog,there were very few people who used to review Malayalam movies online.Times have changed and now every random guy who can type a couple of lines at a stretch is a movie critic!On top of that you have fans of actors who flood the social media and online forums with their 'own take' on their favourite stars'(or the opposite one's) latest movie.So,in many ways,I believe writing a review these days is pointless.Yet,I couldn't resist writing the review of Georgettan's Pooram which I managed to catch on it's first day of release.
                      Writing a review for a Dileep movie is as pointless as writing one for a Salman flick. No matter whatever you write, the fans and the family audience will throng to the theatres in large numbers to catch a glimpse of their favourite star! But I strongly believe that it's high time our Janapriyanagan stopped taking viewers for granted and started thinking seriously about the kind of scripts which he green-lights!
                      George is the son of a priest (played by Ranji Panicker)and is basically fooling around with his gang of friends(Vinay Fort,Sharafudeen,Thiru) with the sole intention of providing some 'fun' for the hapless viewers.So they pass lewd comments on their tuition teacher,try to 'get a glimpse' of her when she is having bath,stalks a girl(Rajisha Vijayan) whom George meets at a funeral, pick up random fights with some 'freak boys'(who might bring a bad name to Thrissur also as it happened to Kochi),breaks into the house of a girl whom Vinay Fort was supposed to marry, to name a few during the entire duration of first half. In the second half, the gang suddenly transforms themselves to 'responsible citizens' and takes up the 'mission' of saving the local play ground (a 'Kochi' ground masquerading as 'Mathai Prambu') from a land shark(incidentally Mathai's son,played by Chemban Vinod) by defeating them in a Kabadi Match(Lagaan,Gilly,Karinkunnam Sixes,anyone?)!
                     The main fault with the movie lies in it's writing.With a script all over the place,K Biju and co have dished out a typical 'thattikoottu' fare which is solely aimed at the vacation family crowd. The sexist jokes are nothing new,even if you are a fan of these kind of jokes, it's very unlikely that you will find them amusing as each of them is plain predictable and you yourselves might have heard all that umpteen times before. At the heart of it, there is a genuine sports drama which sadly doesn't get it's due as the writer and the director  seem to be in a dilemma whether to treat the movie as a typical Dileep-tainer or a sports film. So in the end,it ends up as a poorly made film.
                   Dileep tries his best but his Thrissur accent sounds forced and at times he goes overboard.Rajisha doesn't even have many lines to mouth and ends up as a mere prop. Sharafudeen and Vinay Fort entertains at times, so is Kanaran Hareesh.T.G Ravi is fine, but it is a routine role for him.Chemban Vinod does it part well.The 'Joliyum Kooliyum' song is peppy and the cinematography is also okay.The editing could have been better as the first half seemed never ending.The over-use of slo-mo during the kabady scenes was unwarranted,but to give credit where it's due,the Kabadi sequences were the best portions in the entire film.

On the whole,with a poorly written script 'Georgettan's Pooram' is the kind of movie which does no justice to Dileep's talent. It's as good as a Villaliveeran! I'm giving it a 2 out of 5.



dealgyan said...

2 out of 5?? What about 1 out 5.