July 21, 2009

Who is nikhimenon?


                   A doctor by profession and a writer by destiny(sounds cliched?! Yeah,I know!),nikhimenon has been ranting and raving in the blogosphere since the last 7 years.The other mundane things which he has accomplished so far in his life includes scripting and directing a couple of short films which he claims had the 'potential' to become superhits but bombed miserably due to the 'morons in youtube' who neither had the aesthetic sense nor the marketing genius in them to promote those gems in a 'big way'.Whenever he gets time,he either tries to save the movie industry by writing scripts for potential super hit films/contributing to or the publishing industry by reviewing books for he was an Undergraduate student in the medical college he had put a lot of people to sleep by editing and publishing the college magazine (which obviously had many Z grade articles, mostly ghost written by him!) Hate mails,kisses,cash cheques,books(for review),et al can be sent to him at

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