July 21, 2009

Review: Bhagya Devatha

റിവ്യൂ ബൈ നിഖിലേഷ് മേനോന്‍.
Bhagya Devatha ,the Satyan -Anthikkadu Jayaram movie is nearing it's 100 days run in theatres across kerala.With everybody,right from the media to the entertainment' starved audience lapping it up, one big question..Does this neat 'simple village ' story deseve all this praise and attention? For me,it's a big NO and here is why i think so.

Frankly speakin i was bored to death watchin this poorly crafted film about dowry system and marital discord.

There s not even a single piece of original bone in this bland and insipid tale about human relations with an overdose of" religion" thrown into it quite un- apologetically.
There s everythin from" daff mutt-a muslim family led by mamukkoya-chatta mundu christian family ,with manasammadhams,marriages occurin at regular intervals!)
And the christian's are not even spared in this "social movie!).The scene where a priest asks Narein's name ( who says Sajan) and how he confirms dat he s a christian is in such a bad taste that make yu squirm!

Comin to the movie,startin from the openin scene yu are into a sense of dejavu'.we hav seen all this before .!The jokes are bland,insipid and foolish most of d tyme and fails to evoke a chuckle.(there are a few good ones too,but too far and few in between).
there are even some scenes dat make yu cringe to yur seat and groan yurself in despair at the atrocities dat u are forced to witness on screen.

The scene where jayram mimiks to have a cardiac arrest and the hunk tryin to giv him C.P.R. is such a disgrace to even the medical profession..hw can a mainstream director picturise such foolishness on screen?

The only thing that d mvie managed to achieve s dat, it helped to remind all of us dat lush greenery,laggons,paddy field's still exist in kerala!

Actors have put in an honest effort,jairam was his self,kaniha was good,the lady who played jairam's sister was ok.But Narein made a fool of himself by aceeptin an extr's role and bein part of a song which is the most idiotically canned one in recent tymes!

but hw long can satyan repeat himself with the same old stuff.The plot s a rip off of Ayirathil oruvan by Mani, even his diggs at communist's and dowry system tend to be repetitive,.

verdict: AVERAGE (atleast in these days of saagar Jackey,pattanathil Bhootham , moss and cat and the silly 2 hari har nagar,this s a movie that is atleast watchable with your entire family ,without violence,skin show and double meaning dialogues!