October 3, 2009

Book Review: Velocity by Dean Koontz

All these years, I havn't been a great fan of silly thriller Novels and for the same reason havn't felt the necessity of going through any of Koontz earlier ones like 'The face' or 'False Memory'.But the cover of this one, made be choose this one during my recent visit to the local library.I expected this one to be yet another dumb thriller,but to my dismay i found it to be a decent psycho-thriller.It's gripping with plenty of twists and turns,fast paced and un predictable.

The protagonist is Billy wiles a bar tender who has to look after a comatosed wife.One fine day he finds a weird note on the windscreen of his SUV,which he initially dismisses as a prank or a sick joke.But soon he soon realises that a serial killer is after him, more notes follow which are more personal and more confrontational than the last.The killer also makes sure that Billy is not in a position to inform the police about the incident.

The good thing about this one is that if it manages to entertain the readers and never takes itself too seriously.Content wise,there is nothing deep in it and you never feel like sympathising with it's protagonist Billy.

Anyways, Velocity is a decent thriller and recommended for a light read..

Author:Dean Koontz
Published In India by Harper Collins
Price:INR 195/- (paper back)

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satish said...

this s agood one

Panicker said...

Thank u for introducing the novel. I too am a fan of thrillers. I'll keep this in mind next time I search for fiction.

Anonymous said...

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