October 19, 2009

The debacle called Champions League T20....!

 With the three IPL teams - Deccan Chargers, RCB and Delhi Daredevils - crashing  out of the Champions League, the event has lost a lot of zing and popularity .Lalith Mody and co seemes to have lost their battle this time if empty galleries and poor TRP ratings for the tournament is anything to go by.That leave us with a few questions.

Has the Champions League exposed IPL in some ways? 

Were the foreign teams too good for the so called devils , challengers and chargers  ?

Did too much cricket make the IPL franchisees a tired lot?

Or was it the lack of motivation that  resulted in the early exit of the IPL teams?

Lalit Mody may have some other explanations for all these,but for me it's a bit of all the afore said that made their exit way too early. The single thing that was clearly lacking among the IPL teams was  motivation .While the foreign teams were  playing like cohesive units, the IPL  players looked exhausted and as one Dare devils  player has told in a recent interview,they hardly got  much time to develop some kind of bonding among themselves.Most of the Indian players were either attending  to other priorities they had  or 'shooting for commercials' till one or two days of the commencement of the tournament.

Delhi were undone by injuries to greats like Daniel Vettori and AB de Villers. Challengers bowling was weak while Deccan depended too much on a few individuals, like skipper Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symonds. Another reason was that some leading lights of IPL teams opted to play for teams from their own country, thus weakening the IPL units. All this negated the home advantage that the teams had. 

The lacklustre performance of the IPL teams has therefore ensured that one of the foreign teams will emerge Champions of the first edition of Champions league T20....


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