September 8, 2011

The Best Indian Movie Posters of 2011

Posters are often the first thing that we see of a Movie.While some of the them manage to grab our attention due to their sheer awesomeness,some others go literally un noticed either due to the lack of any high profile names associated with it or due to the zilch creativity that must have gone to it's making.Here is a look at the ten most interesting posters that the Indian Film Industry has produced this year.This post is going to be in two parts,the second part will be published next week.
10. Yuvan Yuvathy (Tamil)
Definitely one of the best posters to have come out of Kollywood this year.Though this supposedly rom-com starring Bharat and Rima Kallingal (her tamil debut ) turned out to be an awful film,we really loved this well designed teaser poster of the film.
9.Ek  Tha Tiger (Hindi)
At a time when all you need to make a  100 c+ grossing hindi movie is a smiling Sallu bhai (with or without shirt)flaunting his six(or eight or ten;whatever you may call it)pack Abs in its' posters, this one is indeed a shocker.Well,this flick does have Sallu bhai and his former muse,Katrina Kaif in the lead roles but Kat is hardly visible in this teaser poster neither is Salman's face nor his well toned Abs.
8.Mujhse Fraanship Karoge(Hindi)
Looks like yet another mushy teenage love story from the Yash Raj youth films banner(Y Films) with a cheesy title.The 'facebook' inspired posters of the movie is sure to attract it's target audience,I believe.
7.100%Love (Telugu)
This telugu romantic comedy starring Naga Chaitanya(son of the telugu superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni) and Tamannah Bhatia in the lead roles was a runaway hit at the Andhra boxoffice.The promos really suited the mood of the film .The above one is really a kick-ass poster...!
6.180 (Tamil)
Loved this poster so much that i actually went to see this film at a nearby multiplex expecting it to be a fresh and funky flick.The movie was cliched to the core and disappointed big time but that doesnt take the credit away from the designer who made this minty cool poster.
5.Dirty Picture(Hindi)
Well,should i say more?


satish said...

loved the 100 % love posters

വിനയന്‍ said...

For me the poster of Shaitan, That girl in yellow boots, Salt and Pepper, Chappa Kurishu were felt better of all...The reason was these posters were creative and at the same time conveyed the thread/theme/'what you can expect from' of the movie. The dirty picture poster is also creative. Self explanatory at the same time the colors and costume giving the era's appearance.

nikhimenon said...

completely agree with u...had reserved that girl in yellow boots and salt n pepper posters for the second part of this post,(thats 1 to 5 posns),dats y they dont feature in this post

Jeevan said...

Really pretty posters! 100% and 180 are so fresh at phase. Nice post

nikhimenon said...

thanks jeevan

Srini said...

Sadly Yuvan Yuvathi is a 100% lift :(