November 13, 2009

Again 3 books and a movie...!

Now that my 3 month long 'extended' vacation before house surgeoncy all set to vanish to thin air within a couple of days, here comes one more post,rather short  reviews of 3 books and a movie which i just managed to finish.


1.Almost Single:

A desi chick lit  by Advaita kala,this one tells the story of three single,fun loving women Misha,Aisha and Anushka and their adventures with the opposite sex.Quite hilarious and fast paced, recommended if you love reading decent chick lit' books.

rating: 6.75/10

2.You are here:

Written by India's star blogger ,Meenakshy reddy madhavan 'You are here' is nothing but chick lit gone bad.Totally unfunny and plain bad at times, this one can be easily avoided.Heard she is writing her second book now...Hope she will learn from her mistakes...!

rating: 4/10

3.The Strike:

This one is Toronto based 'Anand Mahadevan's' debut which is the story of  twelve year old Hari who tries to make sense of his tumultous and complex world in the 1980's India.A note worthy coming-of-age tale laced with humour ,strike is at the best a decent debut.

rating: 5/10


1.Dil Bole Hadippa:

Yash Raj's Chak de india meets 'jab we met' kind of story set(again) in the punjabi back drop din't work for me.The only good thing about the movie being the title track set to tune by Pritam.



~Ms. A~ said...

why dyu read so much chick lit? i own the first two books too.. i luved the 1st one too.. i like the 2nd one reasonably too cos of a few memorable quotes in it..
hey r u really a doctor? just asking..

nikhimenon said...

Ms A
my reading habits are so weird that my tastes for books change from time to time...there was a point f tym when i loved reading chick lit..i have even read kavya viswanathan's 'how opal mehta got a lyf....'(the exact name ,i dont remember rite now,the book was removed from circulation after that plagiarism controversy broke out.. ).after sometym i lost interst in that genre,moved on to non-fiction(ramachandraguha et al),then i developed a liking to historical fiction....t goes on like that....

yup,i completed my M.B.B.S from a medical college in kerala a year back ,rite now preparing for pg entrance.....