November 13, 2009

National Epilepsy Day

In connection with the national epilepsy day(November 17) ,Cochin Neurological society in association with the Indian epilepsy association is jointly organising a panel discussion on epilepsy at the IMA Hall,kaloor from 7 pm to 9 pm.All the GPs,house surgeons,obstetricians and paediatricians in and around kochin are invited.The function will be inaugrated by Dr.BeenaIAS ,District collector,ekm.

The topics of discussion include Head Injury and related epilepsies(by Dr.T.K.Manoj,consultant neuro surgeon,St.James hospital chalakkudy),Special issues concerning women with epilepsy (Dr.Sareena Gilwaz,jubilee mission hospital thrissur)and management of benign epilepsy syndromes in school going children(Dr.Murali Krishna Menon,consultant neurologist,Lake Shore Hospital,Cochin).

Food and cocktails will be served there after.

Hope you will make use of the evening.