April 15, 2010

Love sex aur IPL.....!

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In a move that might come as a surprise for many 'interlocutors' of the country,Rindaloo sports, the stake holders of the kochi IPL team  has found a new mentor in nikhimenon,a highly succesful blogger and a tweeter from kochi.His blog posts are so widely read and his tweets so awesomely awesome that his twitter page is often considered  a text book of sorts for wannabes like Shashank Thavanoor,the canadian import (who is more interested in the 'external affairs of Kashmiri women' these days ) whom even Rakhi Sawant considers as a potential threat to her 'controversy queen' throne.When contacted, though Ayushman Gaekwaad -the CEO of Rindaloo sports refused to comment on the topic , it is commonly believed that nikhimenon's close proximity with Malith Lody-an avatar of Lord kubera and a champion of "transparency" has bagged him this covetable honour.

However inside sources say that nikhimenon is an apt replacement for Shashank Thavanoor as the mentor/patron of the team as he is still single (thanks to his girl friend Mandakini Murtaza  who found him 'incompatible'  to live happily with her Iranian husband in Yugoslavia )and there are no more Pushpaka Ranis running after him.Meanwhile Malith Lody in an interview to a national news channel yesterday revealed that he had received an e-mail from a Kochiite which requested  him to shift the base of the kochi team to Ahmedabad since the Malayali Samajam in Gujarat wanted to raise funds for their annual 'Malayalee Sanghamam',to be held in Hong Kong later this year.

Bollywood's superstar King Khan ,who was consoled by his neighbour Srane Werne today morning accused that the whole IPL-Kochi-Thavanoor-Lody conflict was  a  cover up for the disastrous performance of Kings XI punjab in the present season of IPL.The Monkey man Sarantkumar Sreerang,a team member of Kings XI has  refuted this allegation and has also expressed his desire to perform his favourite dance number wearing the 'Kochi' cap.

On the otherside,the supporters of Shashank Thavanoor in Thiruvananthapuram,kerala have claimed that Thavanoor is bankrupt and his relation to  Pushpaka Rani  has nothing to do with his desire to patronize the kochi team.They also made the revelation that  Thavanoor had been  the captain of the U.N. cricket team and his interest for cricket started since then.Shashank Pawar, the union minister for Irrigation and Narasimha Lodi the Chief Minister have also supported this statement by saying that cricket is the best sport for Ministers as it helps to relieve stress and strain.


chitra said...

very interesting indeed. had a good laugh reading this.