May 30, 2010

What will you do if 'she' decides to marry some random Guy?

b)   will buy the dvd of Dev D and start sympathizing with him.

c)    try to convince her that her bride groom has an 'affair' with 'Rakhi Sawant'....(if that's not offending enough,Rakhi can be substituted with a 'Sherlyn Chopra' or a 'Meghna Naidu')

d) will download more porn .

e)All of the above.

PS: 'She' in this context refers to any female who was a courter/flame/preyasi/premika/kamuki/pranayini.

PSPS: All the losers reading this post are free to make use of the comment box to opine on this topic. 



rakesh said...

may be option e) all of the

Vinayan said...

well that means, she has chosen to move away from her lucky chance(thats me!)...Poor She!...So there is no option for me. In fact i should wait for a new She! or infact a new Girl!. And as am not a loser(really!), i am not checking any option.

Panicker said...

Option to be added:

(f) None of the above... would seriously consider getting a life, essentially by starting the hunt for another courter/flame/ preyasi/premika/kamuki/pranayini.


Tangerine said...

loved the read :)