June 6, 2010

Some Random things I Learnt Through The Movie 'Badmaash Company'

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  • An intelligent,virtuous,middle class boy can turn a smuggler if he sees his mother selling her bangles.
  • Hindi Cinema still means foreign locales, a smooch between the leads, a bikini for the heroine and a virtuous mummy-daddy jodi for Yashraj Films.
  • If you have a shirt that loses it's colour with every wash,you can wear it daily and still convince your friends that you are wearing a new shirt everyday.
  • Anoushka Sharma doesnt have attractive breasts.
  • Getting a bank loan in a foreign country is easier than buying a pen from the local department store.
  • Shahid Kapoor  can not only do the dimple cheeked,smile to the side thing ( SRK and his Red chillies hasn't patented it,right?!)with elan but can also drink his 'chai' from the saucer with his boyish grin intact.
  • Marriage with a 'gora' prostitute  is all what it takes to make a skirt chaser to an ideal husband overnight(as demonstrated by the character played by Veer Das).
  • Udhay Chopra is not the most irritating thing which Yash Chopra has produced so far.
  • Even at this age,Anupam Kher can deliver long 'moral science' speeches about family values (infront of a reasonable crowd) .


    rakesh said...

    funny rock,as always