June 13, 2010


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Waking up  on one lazy sunday afternoon and with my eyes falling on the web page of rediff,i chanced upon the news related to the on going fued between India's most revered 'secular' politician ,Nitish Kumar ji and the country's 'maut' ka saudagar 'Narendra Modi'.While the news may be as important as Akki Bhai hosting cookery show on tv, it leaves us with a lot to ponder about.
      At a time,when even Nitin Gadkari remembers BJP as a thing of the past ,Narendra Modi is definitely one of the few crowd pullers left in the party . Even Laluji and his beewi Raabri didi might stand by me if i confess that Nitishji is not idiotic enough to believe that those pretty souls who still vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party are doing so for they have been smitten by the verbal prowess of the iron man Arun Jaitely or the charisma of Sushamaji.

So in one way or another,the  party ( with a president who faints on witnessing the rising prizes  ' in our beloved country)has got only a handful of leaders whom the janta see  worth voting for and Modi is undoubtedly one among them.This is why Nitish Ji's claim that he has allied only with the party(read BJP) and the only Modi that he has heard of  is Lalith Modi  ends up as nothing but a desperate attempt at wooing the muslim voters of the state.It has also become clear that once Nitish can stand on his own (atleast after the up coming elections) he will ditch his coalition partner (BJP) ruthlessly.There is nothing wrong in playing the vote bank politics as that's what our politics is all about of late.Maya didi practises it with the dalits,Mulayam and Lalu ji does it with the muslims and the yadavs,BJP used to play it successfully with the brahmins and the upper caste hindus  and even the Congress doesn't wish to displease the christian and the muslim vote banks.

The major problem in the present political scenario is that apart from the ruling party(obviously the congress) every other national/regional parties have clearly lost the plot and the only thing that they are looking forward to is to get into power by hook or crook. While the Congress has wisely made use of it's lucky mascot Mr.Rahul Gandhi  to draw in the young and the not so young voters(to whom he stands as a sign of possible change) the Nitish Kumars and the didis seem to be still comfortable in playing the same card again and again.The BJP should realise that Modi worked wonders for them (atleast in Gujarat)playing the development card safely in the subsequent elections and what they need are smart energetic leaders like the late Pramod Mahajan who can not only sustain the alliances but also prevent them from  embarassing acts like what Nitish did last day. 

The political parties in India should realize that the citizens have clearly lost interest in the politics of hate and religion.What they are looking forward to is development and change.If the BJP wants to offer themselves as an effective alternative to the Congress in the centre ,they should come up with  an imaginative new agenda that includes not just politics but  that dream of change that can inspire young people to take them seriously and not just gimmicks like these to keep themselves in news.C'mmon  if your partner has no faith  in you  even, how can you expect it from the common man?


വഷളന്‍ | Vashalan said...

I have stopped following politicians for some time now, because it appears to be time invested with no returns...

Thanks for the perspective.

Here is my take...“Every country has the government it deserves.”

A government reflects the interests, believes, culture and attitude of the public for it is the grand sum of what people are. So if there is corruption, caste-ism, religious intolerance and such ill effects it is what the people constitute.


nikhimenon said...


thanks bro for your take on the topic.
completely agree with you.

Happy Kitten said...

My first time in your blog and Nitish caught my eye..

Nitish has won again and I continue to wonder why many are still against him...

you write that he woos the Muslim voters but Bihar has only 11% Muslims..

Religion Percent
Hinduism   83%
Islam   16%
Other   1%