November 18, 2011

WTF: The Sickening Sanitary Napkin TVCs

I find the sanitary pad commercials extremely disgusting.These days every time I switch on the tv,I see atleast one ad in which a horribly dressed female tries to explain about it (and) it's use with the help of a blue coloured liquid and a piece of cotton.Women have been succesfully menstruating and attaining menopause since ages but still these napkin makers can't stop whining about 'those days','the cloth-pad-tissue comparison','the lack of self confidence and motivation in the non-napkin users'.Those females who don't make use of these 'whispers'(with or without the 'wings'/'tails' et al) and 'carefrees' will menstruate to death and rot in hell it seems.Of course,we are living in a world in which the one who makes the most noise steals the show.But why make the promos this much graphic?Why can't they make it more subtle?Haven't we seen seen enough demos of it (by pouring liquid into the pad and then squeezing it and cutting into two pieces)already?



Anonymous said...

totally agree, i find them disgusting aswell

Red Handed said...

OH !! I SOO AGREE! Its even more disgusting when u have a little brother who keeps asking u to buy him those so tht he can wipe away the ink , his ink pen keeps spilling!

nikhimenon said...

@ adayinthelifeofindia

welcome to my club..


ha ha....!

Febish said...

Nikhi. Loved it.
Your share the frustration of many dude & trust me you are not alone to suffer these mental tortures...:)

Viya ;) said...

Couldn't agree more!.. When i was a kid, i actually thought it was some special kinda cloth which would stop those ink pens from leaking.. *whatwasithinking!*

The Updater said...

Lol :D
Totally agree!! The common phenomenon has been over-rated only for marketing purpose! They actually dont need to market soo much. Women will anyway buy them. I dont know where these ad ppl leave their brains!