November 21, 2011

Poster Magic II- The Copy Cat Movie Posters

We had a post on the best Indian Movie posters of the year a few weeks back.I think it's high time that we wrote aboutthe best copy cat posters of recent times.Here is the one.

1.Chappa Kurishu (Malayalam 2011),Amores Perros (Spanish 2000)

2.Collector (Malayalam 2011),Munich (English 2005)

3.Anjaana Anjaani (Hindi 2010),An Education(English,2009)

4.Vandhaan Vendraan(Tamil 2011),I Hate Luv Storys(Hindi,2010)

5.Hifajat (Nepali,2010),Resident Evil Extinction (English 2007)
(Wonder what they would have done if Photoshop wasn't there?)
6.Phoonk 2 (Hindi 2010),The Chaser

7.City Of God (Malayalam 2011),Ben-Hur (English,1959)
8.Velayudham (Tamil 2011),Assassin's Creed (Video Game)
9.Violin (Malayalam 2011),Saawariya (Hindi 2007)
10.Ra One(Hindi 2011),Batman Begins (English 2005)

Buzz: My favourite 'star' has entered the Big Boss house. Mr 'Agni'vesh has finally succeeded in bringing 'national-level'  social change it seems!


vivek said...

great post

Madhulika said...

Wow.. great collection man..!!!

nikhimenon said...


thank you...

Maya said...

india always had a great history of copying,, we dont have any originality..

Red Handed said...

OMG! Literally copied out!!!
Great post man!!!!! great post!

Shreya said...

Oh great, I missed these copied posters. Big copy cats. You noticed them so well. :P

Sudin Joseph said...

awesome list man....