January 22, 2015

A Pimply Affair!

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                                   "A post about pimples? Boy,you should be kidding me!"

            This would have been my first reaction if somebody had asked me to write a full-length post on pimples say ,some five years ago.Like many of the fellow  XYs,I too used to dismiss  them  and their  inevitable sequelae (i.e. the dark untidy scars that they left behind) as something which would bother only the members of the fairer sex.But the last couple of years were kind of an eye opener for me.This sudden enlightenment could be attributed to two things.

                   First and foremost,it was during this period that I became 'eligible'(obviously,for marriage!what else?!).Well after reading this,don't get me wrong.I didn't become a billionaire or anything overnight,it's just that I attained the age which is traditionally considered as  ripe  for marriage(for men).Once you are thirty,the market crashes,you know!Okay,a detailed discussion on that,I reserve for some other day!Once that realisation dawns,the panic sets in.You suddenly realise that you have been leading a shabby,unorganised life all this while and as a result  become  more self aware. It's also during this phase that you start seeing all those black spots,dark marks,acne scars and pimples on your face in a totally different light altogether. You not only start stumbling  across all those weird news paper reports,during a random web browsing session  but also commence projecting  those huge papular eruption on your face(neglecting the fact that they have been there on your face since you were a toddler) to the evil spell cast on you by your jealous ex-girl friend/lover.Well,I was also no different.(May be the 'evil spell'part doesn't hold good in my case,but the rest allwere there!)All kinds of crazy thoughts started clogging my head.Adding to the woes,that ugly pimple on my face had started growing more vigorously.With each passing day,it became bigger and bigger and started resembling  like a volcano which was ready to erupt,spreading all it's dirty lava in the near by vicinity.Man,it was the limit.I decided to call upon my dermatologist friend,Dr Rajan.

"Rajan,I've a problem"

"Parayeda,What happened?"

"Dude,I have decided to get married"

"Oh,that's sad.But why have you called me for this?You should consult a psychiatrist for that.I cannot prescribe 'those' drugs.And please don't go after those shady,dubious 'capsules' which you see in the newspapers"

"Shit….It's not that.My problem is….I have got pimples"

"ha ha!Oh..njan pedichu poyi.That's not a big deal.Start cleansing your face with luke warm water every day,keep your face clean all the time, devoid of any traces of oil.If the pimples aren't many, no need to use any topical antibiotics.May be you can try one of those commercially available face washes to keep your face clean.Trya reputed,time tested brand,don't go after those 'mokka' ones"

"Ok da,Thanks"

It's three weeks now after that conversation.Dr Rajan is quite competent,I must say.His advice has worked.I can sleep peacefully now.

But the million dollar question is-when will I meet the rani of my dreams?

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*This post is a work of fiction inspired by real incidents



rakesh said...

man!how many posts do yuw rite in a day?

A Cuban In London said...

I'm one of those lucky guys who never had any pimples or spots in his adolescence. They can knock your confidence, you know? :-)

Greetings from London.

sandra said...

Really funny

nikhimenon said...

@a cuban in london,
you are very lucky,I must say

sailesh said...

okay,half-baked post though